Japanese-pow List

    The purpose of the Japanese-pow List is to provide members a means for sharing information relating to Prisoners of War of the Japanese during World War II.  Membership is open to anyone who wants to send and receive messages on this subject.

    A listserver may be described as an automatic e-mail re-mailer. The Japanese-pow List is a "closed" list which means that only people that have been "subscribed" as members of a list may send messages that are retransmitted to all members of the list.  The sponsor of the Japanese-pow List is West-Point.Org  (WP-ORG for brevity).  Please do not be concerned that the name West Point is in the title of the sponsoring organization.  The name comes from the origin when a group of West Point graduates wanted to take advantage of the internet to exchange messages rapidly with all members of their group.  WP-ORG is NOT an official organization of the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY.  This organization has grown to become a sponsor for a large number of lists including a list for almost every graduated class, parents groups, sports groups, friends of West Point groups and others - about 30,000 members combined in all groups.  This fine organization has volunteered to sponsor our group of persons interested in sharing information concerning Prisoners of War of the Japanese during World War II.  It also sponsors this web site.

    Members of this list may send messages to all members of the list at any time by sending an e-mail to the group address that is provided to all members.  When you receive a List message and want to comment on it, you can send a message to the entire group in the same manner. Also, you can reply to the sender only if you so choose.

    There is no direct cost to members; however, it should be obvious that our sponsor (WP-ORG) needs some money for computer equipment and to pay several paid employees (there are many volunteers such as the moderator of this listserv who are not paid).  Twice a year, WP-ORG will solicit contributions to obtain the money needed.  When a fund drive begins, members will receive a message announcing the fund drive and stating the need for VOLUNTARY contributions.  If a member decides not to contribute, that person will continue to receive the same service as before.  Of course, we hope that each member will be satisfied with the list and will want to contribute.

    We have only one rule concerning messages sent via this list: MESSAGE CONTENT is restricted to information about POWs of the Japanese.  As the List Moderator, I have to send occasional administrative messages and twice each year I send messages in support of our sponsor, WP-ORG, during their semi-annual fund drives.  WP-ORG has a three megabyte limit on message size (Note the size increase in April 2014).

    To join the Japanese-pow List, send a message to me by using the e-mail link below.  Include information about your relative that was a POW of the Japanese (relationship, his/her name, military rank, unit at the time of surrender. POW Camps and POW Ships - as much as you know of these) OR your other reason for joining the list.  Also, include your contact data such as a home phone or cell phone number.  The contact data is for my use in case your copy of list messages begin to "bounce" (happens when a member changes e-mail service and forgets to give me the new e-mail address) and I need to regain contact with you.  Former POWs are encouraged to join - especially if they are willing to assist descendants in their efforts to learn more about their former POW relative.

    Bob Whitecotton
    Moderator, Japanese-pow Listserv
    To send an e-mail, click here: Bob R. Whitecotton.