Please read the notes below prior to tabbing through the database to familiarize yourself with its contents.
If you are unfamiliar with spreadsheets, please notice that there are tabs at the bottom of this page which you may click on to navigate through this database. To the left of the "Notes" tab are arrows which you will need to use to reach some tabs that are not visible on the bottom of this page. The final tab at the bottom on this page is a list of hundreds of civilians who are not listed on the full military database. This roster is primarily an Army roster. It was produced by the Army Dept in the months after the fall of Manila from captured Japanese documents. There are two Naval and no Marine personnel on this roster. As to why there are British and Dutch pow's listed, I am not sure. Some pow camps kept better records than others. There are many gaps in personal information on each pow. Some have complete information, however, the vast majority of pow's have incomplete data such as serial #, rank, date they boarded their hellship, last known pow camp, etc. If you wish any changes or additions be made to this database, you are welcome to email me at 
Destinations shown as Kwan, Kwanking or Kwantung is are actuality, Manchuria. These men wound up in China or Korea. Destinations shown as Eastern, Western or Central, refer to geographical locations in Japan. It is important to note that one in three pows transported after processing through Bilibid, died at sea. Thirty three percent of the names on this roster died from mistreatment, disease, famine, thirst and the attack by air power and submarines from U. S forces unknowingly attacking unmarked Japanese transports. They were truly "Hellships".
There are in excess of 12,500 American military names on the database, 282 British Military, 54 Dutch Military and about 309 civilians. A total exceeding 13,100 pows who were processed through Bilibid on this roster.  Some of the information on this roster is most certainly incorrect for I had to use my judgment in deciphering some ambiguous information and poor quality of the documents. Some of the information was transcribed from 65 year old microfilm which was in poor condition. Hopefully, this will self correct with time and the expertise of others.                                                                          
I personally wish to thank the Battling Bastards of Bataan Organization website, especially Federico Baldassarre, for posting this working roster.     Additionally I wish to thank James Erickson for his encouragement and help in deciphering some of the cryptic information appearing on the original Archive roster which does not appear on this roster but nonetheless helps to fill in gaps on some of the hellship rosters.  All of the names, ranks and pow camps on the roster were taken directly from archived material. There remains many holes in the roster which I hope to fill over time. I wish to thank Jim Erickson for his permission to extrapolate Hellship boarding dates to fill in many missing boarding dates on this Bilibid Roster. Jims Oryoku Maru, Shinyo Maru, Nagara, Yuzan, and Clyde Maru rosters were instrumental in filling in hundreds of missing boarding dates.  These can be viewed at the following website / Acknowledgements are also necessary for Caroline Burkhart who provided the passenger manifest for the Storm King and the Simon Bolivar which brought surviving POWs back to America and Steven Bull who provided the passenger manifest for the USS Yarmouth which returned POWS to America as well.                                                                  
American Servicemen on the Bilibid Roster
1 Lieutenant General
5 Major Generals
13 Brigadier Generals
126 Colonels
133 Lieutenant Colonels
249 Majors
615 Captains
3 Listed as Lieutenants including one Naval Lt.
524 First Lieutenants
456 Second Lieutenants
25 Chief Warrant Officers
15 Warrant Officers
30 Warrant Officers (Junior Grade)
112 First Sergeants
113 Master Sergeants
202 Tech Sergeants
633 Staff Sergeants
1,221 Sergeants
1,254 Corporals
2,887 Privates First Class
3,872 Privates
37 No Rank Listed
12,526  < TOTAL
In the tabs at the bottom of this workbook, POW information is sliced and diced into individual POW camps. At Clark Field, Lipa, Nielsen and Palawan, the vast majority of POW's have boarding dates and at the Vehicle Department, virtually every POW has a boarding date. Obviously, record keeping at different camps varied greatly or were perhaps lost, damaged or destroyed during the battle to recapture the Philippines.  If you, in your search for information, find something that fills in a gap on a family member who fought in the Philippine theatre, this  research project has then been paid in full. It started with finding information on my fathers experience and ended with what you are about to scrutinize. I hope you find what you're looking for. 
If one were able to measure and calculate suffering, the suffering endured by the men listed here would still be too great to comprehend. Creating this database was solemn work and a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices of the men listed was deeply impressed upon this man.                                                                   
God Rest Their Souls                                                                                                                                                                                                          
April 9th, 2009