3rd Pursuit Squadron, 24th Pursuit Group
At Iba, Zambales Province, Luzon on 8 Dec 1941
                      (Including members that joined the squadron after that date)

    The basic information in this web page comes from images provided by Bob Hudson who now lives on Bataan.  The images
show pages of a notebook that appear to have been maintained by T/Sgt Marion L. Scoby, 6277052.  Names from this notebook
have been placed into a spreadsheet and additional information about those men has been added.  The additional information
comes from the National Archives database of World War II POWs, the American Battle Monuments Commission web site,
Roger Mansell's database, Wes Injerd's web site and other sources considered to be reliable.

    Click on the "thumbnail" images below to see a full size image of each page of the notebook.  The reason that images 14
through 21 are not included is because those pages contain only poetry and no names of unit members.

        Iba-1                    Iba-2                      Iba-3                    Iba-4                    Iba-5                        Iba-6                    Iba-7                    Iba-8

        Iba-9                    Iba-10                Iba-11                    Iba-12                    Iba-13                    Iba-22              Iba-Record


    Click 3rd Pursuit Squadron to see a roster of all names shown in the images of the notebook.  You will notice that data for
a few members of this unit is missing.  If you know of reliable data for those persons, please contact the author of this web
site using the e-mail link at the bottom of the main web site page.
    The names are shown in alphabetical sequence.  To see the roster in the sequence that names appear in the original notebook,
save a copy to your computer in Excel format.  Then open the file in Excel and sort it on the "Line #" column.
    Abbreviations used in "Other Sources" column (all available via links on this web site):
        ABMC --American Battle Monuments Commission web site
        BLR -- Bilibid Liberation Roster
        CLR -- Cabanatuan Liberation Roster
        Injerd -- Wes Injerd's web site
        Mansell -- Roger Mansell's web site and database
        NARA -- National Archives and Records Administration database of World War II POWs
        TWO -- "There Were Others" manuscript by Col. Hiram W. Tarkington
    Note:  Words within quotation marks in the "Comments" column are as contained in the original images.

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