Guerrilla Submarines
Each voyage of a submarine from its base (usually in Australia or Mios Woendi in the Molucca Islands) was called a "War Patrol". As the chart below shows, many of these War Patrols included more than one "Special Mission" that supported guerrilla operations in the Philippines. In the U.S. Navy, "Hull Numbers" are unique identifiers of a vessel. Also, the U.S. Navy sometimes re-uses vessel names after a vessel has been lost or retired- this is true of some submarines in this chart. Hull numbers are included here to help find the correct submarine in other sources such as web sites and War Patrol Reports.  
Rendezvous Date(s) Sub Name Hull # War Patrol # Location Cargo Guerrilas Met Source *
01/14/43 USS Gudgeon SS-211 6 936'48"N 12227'01"E Catmon Point on SW coast of Negros First official "Spyron" mission - Delivered Maj. Jesus Villamor & 6 PA soldiers None GS-1 thru 9; SW; ND; AIB-115 thru 119
03/05/43 USS Tambor SS-198 6 749'10"N 12333'23"E Mindanao, 4 mi. SE of Labangan in Pagadian Bay Delivered Chick Parsons, Charles Smith, PA soldiers & 2 tons of supplies None GS-31 thru 33; SW; ND; AIB-154
04/30/43 USS Gudgeon SS-211 8 1145'22"N 12153'54"E Panay (3.7 mi. E of Pucio Point vic. Pandan) Delivered Lt. Crespo, 3 EM & 3 tons of supplies Maj. Garcia GS-50 thru 53; ND
06/12/43 USS Trout SS-202 9 749'39"N 12330'34"E Labangan, Pagadian Bay, Mindanao Delivered party of 5 men led by Capt. Hamner, cargo & ammunition Cdr. Parsons GS-54 & 55; SW; ND
07/09/43 USS Trout SS-202 9 730'47"N 12303'49"E Dumanquilas Bay on S coast of Mindanao Picked up Parsons, Charles Smith & 3 POW escapees (Mellnik, McCoy & Dyess)   GS-56; LU-270 thru 273; ND; AIB-162 thru 167
07/09/43 USS Trout SS-202 9 718'07"N 12301'27"E Rendezvous SE of Olutunga Is. (S of Mindanao & 5 mi. NW of Liscum Banks) Met "wood-burner" - picked up additional passengers (see note at end of this web page)   GS-57; SW; ND
07/09/43 USS Thresher SS-200 9 937'12"N 12226'40"E Catmon Point, Negros Delivered Filipino commandos (led by Maj. Cruz) & supplies   SW; AIB-134,137,138
08/23/43 USS Grayling SS-209 8 1145'22"N 12153'10"E Pandan Bay near Pucio Point,Panay Delivered supplies to Filipino guerrillas - note that Grayling was never heard from after this rendezvous and was listed as "Lost in Action"   GS-67; SW; ND
09/02/43 USS Bowfin SS-287 1 811'31"N 12404'03"E Iligan Bay, 1 mi. E of Binuni Point, Mindanao Delivered 7 tons of radio equipment & supplies   GS-67; SW
09/29/43 USS Bowfin SS-287 1 811'31"N 12404'03"E Same location as on 2 September 43 Evacuated 9 persons including POW escapee Samuel Grashio and Col. Fertig's XO, Luis Morgan Col. Fertig GS-67; SW
10/20/43 USS Cabrilla SS-288 1 929'09"N 12232'33"E Doog Point on W coast of Negros Picked up Maj. Jesus A. Villamor, Maj. Meida (US) & others; left some supplies   GS-79 thru 81; SW
11/13/43 USS Narwhal SS-167 7 1324'15"N 12023'45"E Paluan Bay @ NW tip on Mindoro Delivered Parsons & 10-man party (led by Maj. L. H. Phillips) about 3 a.m. - about 5:30 p.m. Narwhal returned, picked up Parsons & offloaded 46 tons of supplies   GS-77 & 78; SW; ND; AIB-169,170
11/15/43 USS Narwhal SS-167 7 859'28"N 12520'04"E Nasipit, Butuan Bay, Mindanao Delivered 46 tons of supplies, evacuated 32 persons (including POW escapees Shofner, Hawkins & Dobervich) and left Parsons Col. Fertig GS-78 & 79; LU-296 thru 299:; SW; ND; AIB-185 thru 191
12/02/43 USS Narwhal SS-167 8 9 07'07"N 12531'12"E Cabadbaran, Butuan Bay, Mindanao Delivered 90 tons of supplies, picked up 7 evacuees & Parsons Col. Fertig & Cdr. Parsons GS-82; SW; ND; AIB-193,194
12/05/43 USS Narwhal SS-167 8 835'17"N 12429'11"E Alubijid, Macajular Bay, Mindanao Picked up 9 evacues Lt. Noble (PA) GS-83; SW
02/05/44 USS Narwhal SS-167 9 1145'46"N 12155'02"E Pandan Bay, Panay near Libertad Delivered 45 tons supplies & picked up 6 evacuees (5 servicemen & 1 British) Lt. Col. Garcia GS-86; SW; ND
02/07/44 USS Narwhal SS-167 9 925'05"N 12236'13"E Balatong Point, Negros Delivered 45 tons supplies & picked up 28 evacuees (8 women, 9 children, 5 men & 6 servicemen) Lt. Col. Abcede GS-81 & 86; SW; ND
02/22/44 USS Narwhal SS-167 10 500'58"N 12014'01"E Mantabuan Island (off E side of TawiTawi) Attempted to deliver 1 Army Officer, 2 Navy officers, 4 Filipino EM & supplies - aborted due to no security signals   GS-88; ND
03/02/44 USS Narwhal SS-167 10 907'07"N 12531'12"E Cabadbaran, Butuan Bay, Mindanao Delivered 70 tons supplies - evacuated 20 servicemen (including Capt. Tom Jurika) & 8 Civilians Lt. Cdr. Wilson, Lt. Col. McClish & Maj. Childers - then Col. Fertig GS-64, 88 & 89; SW; ND
03/05/44 USS Narwhal SS-167 10 518'04"N 12006'41"E N coast of TawiTawi @ Bohi Gangso Began offloading of supplies - aborted due to approach of 3 Jap destroyers - picked up 8 evacuees including Capt. Hamner Capt. Hamner GS-92; SW; ND; AIB-180 thru 182
03/20/44 USS Angler SS-240 2 1145'46"N 12154'48"E Libertad, Panay Evacuated 58 people including 2-mo.-old Susan Fertig Lt. Col. Garcia & Capt. Hawley GS-101 thru 105; SW; ND
05/11/44 USS Crevalle SS-291 3 924'21"N 12238'16"E Basay, Negros Picked up documents and Evacuated 40 persons including 28 women and children Lt. Col. Abcede GS-105 thru 108; SW; ND
05/24/44 USS Narwhal SS-167 11 1214'05"N 12529'36"E Alusan Bay on NE coast of Samar Delivered 28 men & 25 tons of supplies Maj. Charles M. Smith GS-113; SW; ND
05/28/44 USS Narwhal SS-167 11 814'13"N 12625'03"E Sanco Point on E coast of Mindanao No contact for 2 days - unable to deliver mail & supplies or pick up evacuees & captured documents   GS-114; SW; ND
06/01/44 USS Narwhal SS-167 11 750'46"N 12334'27"E Tucuran, Pagadian Bay, Mindanao Delivered 16 men & 25 tons of supplies Col. Robert V. Bowler GS-114; SW; ND
06/05/44 USS Nautilus SS-168 9 750'36"N 12334'07"E Pagadian Bay near Tucuran, Mindanao Delivered Lt. John D. Simmons, USN, & 92 tons supplies Col. Robert V. Bowler GS-108 thru 110; SW; ND
06/08/44 USS Redfin SS-272 3 807'09"N 11703'06"E Encampment Point on Ramos Island (S of Palawan) Delivered 1st Sgt. Armado S. Corpus, USA, 5 EM & 6,500# supplies   GS-110 & 111; SW; ND
06/20/44 USS Nautilus SS-168 10 925'06"N 12235'55"E Balatong Point, Negros Delivered 4 Filipino EM & "full load" of supplies - picked up 17 evacuees Lt. Col. Abcede SW; ND
06/20/44 USS Narwahl SS-167 12 1128'11"N 12203'00"E Lipata Point, Panay Delivery of "full" cargo difficult due to uncooperative Filipinos - picked up 14 evacuees Lt. Col. Garcia SW; ND
07/08/44 USS Nautilus SS-168 11 1251'45"N 12045'18"E North Pandan Island on W coast of Mindoro (near Amnay River) Delivered 22 men (led by Lt. Cdr. George Rowe) & 12 tons of supplies   GS-124 thru 126; SW; ND
07/14/44 USS Nautilus SS-168 11 1039'16"N 12507'33"E San Roque, Leyte (no security signal at Lagoma -primary site) Delivered 2 US EM & 30 tons supplies Col. Kangleon GS-124 thru 126; SW; ND
07/16/44 USS Nautilus SS-168 11 925'06"N 12235'55"E Balatong Point, Negros Picked up "special cargo" of 1 box and 2 packages Col. Abcede SW
08/07/44 USS Seawolf SS-197 14 520'42"N 12010'35"E Tongehatan Point, Tawi Tawi Delivered Lt. Konglain Teo, 4 radio operators, 1 WX man & 9 tons of supplies Capt. Young & Lt. Col. Suarez GS-130 & 131; SW; ND
08/09/44 USS Seawolf SS-197 14 1034'15"N 12000'13"E Pirata Head, Dumaran Island, Palawan Delivered Sgt. Cabais & 5 radio & WX men plus 5 tons of supplies to set up a coast-watcher station   GS-130 & 131; SW; ND
08/27/44 USS Stingray SS-186 12 1838'34"N 12049'40"E Mayraira Point, NW coast of Luzon Delivered 15 military men & 6 tons of supplies   GS-184 thru 189; SW; ND
08/29/44 USS Narwhal SS-167 13 1540'21"N 12135'52"E Dibut Bay, Luzon On 29th, Cdr. Parsons & Pvt Whitney went ashore in rubber boat; On 30th, delivered 20 men, 10 tons of supplies; Cdr. Parsons & Pvt. Courtney Whitney reboarded Lt. Col. Robert Lapham GS-190; LR-151-153 & 157; SW; ND
08/31/44 USS Redfin SS-272 4 845'52"N 11748'47"E Ipolote Bay on E coast of Palawan near Brooke's Point Evacuated 17 persons including 8 survivors of USS Flier   GS-129 & 130; SW; ND
08/31/44 USS Narwhal SS-167 13 1459'19"N 12133'05"E On 31 Aug near mouth of Magnac River, on E coast of Luzon;
1457'37"N 12133'59"E
On 1 Sept @ beach near mouth of Masanga River (about 2 miles south of Magnac River mouth)
On 31st, Cdr. Parsons & party went ashore; On 1st, Cdr. Parsons reboarded; Delivered 23 men, 10 tons of supplies and boarded 4 evacuees (Capt. Lage, Lt. Naylor, Sgt. Jellison & Sgt. Bolstead) Lt. Col. Bernard Anderson SW; ND
09/22/44 USS Narwhal SS-167 14 558'45"N 12436'21"E Bacud Point on S coast of Mindanao Delivered 35 men & 35 tons of supplies Lt. Col. Frank McGee GS-136; SW; ND
09/25/44 USS Nautilus SS-168 12 933'00"N 12327'27"E Luisan Point on SE coast of Cebu Delivered 2 Army EM & about 31 tons of supplies - took on 11 evacuees - offloaded another 40 tons of supplies after running aground Lt. Col. James Cushing GS-143; SW; ND
09/27/44 USS Narwhal SS-167 14 844'33"N 12446'03"E Balingasag, Mindanao Delivered 3 men & 20 tons of supplies   GS-136; SW; ND
09/27/44 USS Stingray SS-186 14 725'08"N 12633'31"E Baculin Bay, Mindanao Delivered 35 tons of supplies   GS-142; SW; ND
09/29/44 USS Nautilus SS-168 12 1144'56"N 12156'00"E Libertad, Panay Delivered about 40 tons of supplies - took off 47 evacuees Col. Garcia GS-146; SW; ND
09/29/44 USS Narwhal SS-167 14 819'38"N 12258'51"E Siari Bay, Mindanao Picked up 80 rescued POWs (survivors of Shinyo Maru) & 1 US Medical Officer Capt. Thomas GS-136; SW; TB-224; ND
09/30/44 USS Stingray SS-186 14 1026'45"N 12527'42"E Suluan Island off E coast of Samar Delivered 3 Army officers & their equipment   GS-142; SW; ND
10/17/44 USS Narwhal SS-167 15 520'42"N 12010'31"E Tongehatan, TawiTawi Delivered 10 tons of supplies Col. Suarez & Capt. Young GS-193; SW; ND
10/19/44 USS Narwhal SS-167 15 928'13"N 12233'34"E Calipapa, Negros Delivered 37 guerrillas & 50 tons of suppies - took on 26 evacuees   GS-193; SW; ND
10/23/44 USS Nautilus SS-168 13 1501'07"N 12132'19"E Near Masanga River, Luzon Delivered 12 men & 20 tons of supplies Lt. Col. Bernard Anderson GS-190; SW; ND
10/25/44 USS Nautilus SS-168 13 15 40'36"N 12136'32"E Dibut Bay, Luzon Delivered 20 tons of supplies Lt. Col. Robert Lapham GS-190; LR-154 & 155; SW; ND
11/03/44 USS Cero SS-222 6 1501'00"N 12132'15"E Mouth of Masanga River in Polillo Strait on E coast of Luzon Delivered 16 Army (led by Maj. Vanderpool) men & 17 tons of demolition charges - Took off 4 evacuees Lt. Col. Bernard Anderson GS-194 thru 197; SW; ND
11/18/44 USS Blackfin SS-322 1 1329'11"N 12050'18"E W of Camurong River on N coast of Mindoro Picked up captured enemy documents & equipment An Army commando team GS-199 & 200; SW; ND
11/20/44 USS Gar SS-206 14 1328'17"N 12046'51"E N coast of Mindoro Delivered personnel & 5 tons of supplies Lt. Cdr. Rowe Gar War Patrol #14 Microfilm-296-298;SW; ND
11/22/44 USS Gar SS-206 14 1717'10"N 12025'46"E Arrived, by mistake, at alternate site (Santiago Cove) - met Maj. Barnett - moved to primary site (Darigayos Inlet) - it was compromised - returned to Santiago Cove & offloaded cargo on 23 Dec. Delivered 16 Army men (led by Capt. William Vaughn & Capt. William Farrell) & 30 tons of supplies Maj. Barnett Gar War Patrol #14 Microfilm-296-298; GS-197 & 198; WR-161-171; SW; ND
12/02/44 USS Gunnel SS-253 7 1022'02"N 11934'36"E Flecha's Point, Palawan Picked up 11 USN aviators Col. Cuturan, Maj. Muzco & Lt. Sandoval GS-200 & 201; SW; ND
12/05/44 USS Hake SS-256 7 1145'38"N 12154'55E Libertad, Panay Evacuated 6 Navy pilots, 6 Navy EM, I Army officer, 6 Army EM & 10 guerrillas - delivered supplies Lt. Col. Garcia & Lt. Williams (USN pilot) GS-201; SW; ND
12/11/44 USS Gar SS-206 15 1649'10"N 12019'59"E Darigayos Inlet & 1717'10"N 12025'46"E Santiago Cove On 11 December offloaded 25 tons of supplies at Darigayos - on 12 December picked up documents from Col. Volckmann at Santiago Cove Maj. Parker Calvert Gar War Patrol #15 Microfilm-325-326; SW; ND
01/01/45 USS Stingray SS-186 15 520'41"N 12010'28"E Tongehatan Point, TawiTawi Delivered 27 tons of supplies   GS-201; SW; ND
01/20/45 USS Nautilus SS-168 14 643'35"N 124 00'42"E Linao Bay, Mindanao Offloaded about 45 tons of supplies; evacuated one sick 1st Lt. Lt. Col. Frank McGee SW
01/23/45 USS Nautilus SS-168 14 724'24"N 12633'22"E Baculin Bay, Mindanao Offloaded about 45 tons of supplies - This was the last "Spyron" mission 2nd Lt. N Artero, representative of Col. Wendell Fertig SW
* Source Notes: (Note - numbers following source code are page numbers)
Code Meaning
AIB Allied Intelligence Bureau by Allison Ind, David McKay Co. Inc, 1958
GS Guerrilla Submarines by Dissette & Anderson, Bantam Book, 1972
ND Many entries in this web page contain coordinates of rendezvous sites
LR Lapham's Raiders by Robert Lapham & Bernard Norling, The University Press of Kentucky, 1996
LU Escape from Davao by John D Lukacs, Simon & Schuster, 2010
TB The Butchers, The Baker by Victor L. Mapes with Scott A. Mills, McFarland & Company, 2009 (see Chapters 26 & 27)
WR We Remained by Russell W. Volckmann, W W Norton & Company, 1954
NOTE: Searching War Patrol Reports of submarines is a tedious job, but if anyone wants to do it, here is a web site that contains microfilms of those reports:
The following list gives pages numbers of the web site where the reports are found. Notice that some war patrol reports take more than one microfilm.
Sub Name Hull # Page # of web site # Microfilms
Angler SS-240 13 1
Blackfin SS-322 10 1
Bowfin SS-287 1 2
Cabrilla SS-288 11 1
Cero SS-222 3 2
Crevalle SS-291 1 2
Gar SS-206 14 1
Grayling SS-209 14 1
Gudgeon SS-211 3 2
Gunnel SS-253 13 1
Hake SS-256 12 1
Narwhal SS-167 5 2
Nautilus SS-169 15 1
Redfin SS-272 12 1
Seawolf SS-197 1 2
Stingray SS-186 14 1
Tambor SS-198 17 1
Thresher SS-200 14 1
Trout SS-202 14 1
Note for 9 July 43 rendezvous of USS Trout: See USS Trout letter dated 20 July 1943, Subject: Special Mission, paragraph 4. This letter is on pages 272 & 273 of the USS Trout War Patrol Reports microfilm