Alias Ship Names

Updated: September 15, 2009 (Deleted San Diego Maru which was a tanker and not a Hellship.  Changed the entry to show that Sekiho Maru was the Canadian Inventor.  These changes are based on information provided by Jim Erickson.)

Cross Reference of Alias Name to Ship Name (as used in Hellship Database)

Note:  In most cases, the name that is used herein as the "Ship Name" is the name used by Gregory Michno in his book, Death on the Hellships.  These are the names that were used by the Japanese when they operated the ships.  The alias names sometimes are a name that was the proper name for the ship before the Japanese captured or bought the ship, sometimes a variation in spelling and sometimes a nickname applied to the ship by POWs.


Alias Name

Ship Name


Teia Maru

Benjo Maru

Hokusen Maru

Canadian Prince

Rashin Maru

Chichibu Maru

Kamakura Maru

Coral Maru

Taga Maru

Corral Maru

Taga Maru

Dai Nichi Maru

Dainichi Maru

Enuri Maru

Enoura Maru

Fuji Maru

Hofuku Maru

Fukai Maru

Fukkai Maru

Fuku Maru

Hofuku Maru

Fukuju Maru

Fukuji Maru

Hakuroku Maru

Hakushika Maru

Haro Maru

Hokusen Maru

Haru Maru

Hokusen Maru

Harukiku Maru

Harugiku Maru

Hioki Maru

Hokko Maru

Horror Maru

Hokusen Maru

Kakko Maru

Kachidoki Maru

Kalgan Maru

Nishi Maru

King Kong Maru

Kenkon Maru

Kurimata Maru

Kunitama Maru

Maru Roku

Pacific Maru

Maru Shichi (7) Hawaii Maru

Mati Mati Maru (*)

Canadian Inventor

Matti Matti Maru (*)

Canadian Inventor

Mayebassi Maru

Maebashi Maru

Mishima Maru

Aki Maru

Nagata Maru

Nagato Maru

Natoru Maru

Naruto Maru

Nitimei Maru

Nichimei Maru

No. 2 Hikawa Maru

Op ten Noort

No. 824

Teiryu Maru

No. 86

Tateishi Maru

Oryoki Maru

Oryoku Maru

Oryokko Maru

Oryoku Maru


Rashin Maru

President Harrison

Kachidoki Maru


Tango Maru

Rokyo Maru

Rakuyo Maru

Sekiho Maru

Canadian Inventor

Singoto Maru

Teiryu Maru

Suzuya Maru Otaro Maru

Tattori Maru

Tottori Maru


Tango Maru

Tomohoku Maru

Tamahoko Maru

Toro Maru

Clyde Maru

Toyofuku Maru

Hofuku Maru

Ube Maru

Ume Maru

Van Waerwijck

Harugiku Maru

Weills Maru

Wales Maru

Winchester Maru

Taiko Maru

Wolverine State

Kachidoki Maru

Yinagata Maru

Yamagata Maru

Yone Maru

Tamahoko Maru

Yoshida Maru

No. 1 Yoshida Maru

Yubi Maru

Ume Maru

    (*) The name "Mati Mati Maru" or "Matti Matti Maru" has been used by some POWs referring to the Clyde Maru.  Gregory Michno says that "mati mati" means "wait wait" and that the term was applied to the Canadian Inventor because that ship had to put into various ports several times for boiler repairs.