March 13, 2005


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Monsieur Guard Possum Hissss.....

These fellows are the oldest mammals on earth, going back to the dawn of the age of mammals, 70 millions of years ago, virtually identical to their more-than-ancient cousins. Prehensile marsupials. They are very warm to the touch, have deep coats of soft fur, and keep the deer out of the meadow. Most get eaten by others, else we would all be walking on possums. Very prolific!

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November 03, 2004

Light Fingered Coon


This eleven pound coon had been in trouble before! The right wrist was scarred over where she had been trapped earlier, in a less humane manner. John Getgood's chicken house was not a good venue for an innocent. We decide a relocation-to-the-Buffalo program was appropriate.

The trip over in the back of Jack's pickup was uneventful, but she lumbered quickly for the wood line once the trap was unsprung..

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October 11, 2004

Chasing Brer Rabbit


Brown Sutphin, a 71-year-old who used to chase rabbits in these pastures as a young boy, still has his beagles, trained only to run rabbits, and not be distracted by deer, coons, etc. Rabbits, once scented, usually run in circles. Brown just opens the cage in the back of his pickup, unleashes the dogs, and wanders around, whittling on a twig while the beagle 'sing' as they chase the rabbits around the meadow. The rabbit this morning, was smart enough to run down the gravel drive, where the dogs lost the scent! All enjoyed the fine Fall morning... including, presumably, Brer Rabbit!

I suspect it would be bad manners to actually eat the rabbit, in spite of those salivatiing jaws!

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September 28, 2004

Yellow Shrooms

All summer, NOTHING! and then these BIG yellow mushroom pop up! Lots of mast on the forest floor this year as the acorns drop in great abundance..

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