West Point Trivia Test Number 9.

By John Ward, '64

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1. This West Pointer served  in the West as escort to Col. Auguste Chouteau (Class of 1806) and in a company commanded by Daniel Boone's son.    His first cousin was married to the Cherokee Chief John Ridge, who was later murdered by the rival Ross faction of the tribe.   Our subject later served in the Confederate Army.  Who was he?

A) David Moniac (1822)

B) Lucius Northrop (1831)

C)Wilson G. Waties.  (ex-1822)

D) Richard H Ross (1830)

2. Which of the following general officers was NOT an intercollegiate team captain while a cadet?

A) General Maxwell Taylor (1922), Chairman of the Joint chiefs of Staff under Pres. Kennedy.

B) General Jacob Devers (1909), Commanding General of 6th Army Group in WWII and Army Field Forces after the War.

C) Lt. Gen. Richard Chilcoat (1964), President of the National Defense University from 1997 to 2000

D) General Joseph Stilwell (1904), Commanding General U. S. Forces in China during World War II.

3. Which of the following graduates was the first female captain of the West Point Rifle team?

A) Shelby Calvert (1980).

B) Tracy Hanlon (1984)

C) Tracy Garcia (1983)

D) Rhonda Barush (1986)

4. Which of the following was NOT cancelled at West Point as an intercollegiate team sport for one or more years after the Academy started competing in it?

A) Tennis.

B) Fencing.

C) Pistol

D) Wrestling.

5. For what was Palmer Eddy Pierce (1891) distinguished?

A) He was one of the first Pilots to fly in combat in World War I.

B) He was named to the Walter Camp Football All American Team at two different positions.

C) He was the first president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

D) He was named Governor of the Panama Canal Zone.

6. This West Pointer was dismissed for hazing, but went on to a successful career in the Marine Corps.  Among other things, he served in China, the Philipines, and the Caribbean, developed the Marine Corps marksmanship program, inaugurated the Marine Corps Institute correspondence school system, succeeded as a professional poker player for 6 months while suspended by a court martial, and eventually attained the rank of Brigadier General, USMC.  Who was he?

A) Lloyd Beall (1830)..

B) Jacob Zeilin (ex-1822).

C) William Harllee (ex-1901).

D) Hamilton S. Hawkins (ex-1856).

7. What did William Franklin Nesbitt (1898), Captain of the 1897 West Point Football team request permission for, only to have his request denied by the Army?

A) Play professional football after graduation.

B) Challenge the World Heavyweight Champ to a boxing match.

C) Graduate early to be able to go to Cuba and fight the Spaniards.

D) Take a year off for missionary work in the Mormon Church.

8. What was special about the 1906 West Point Basketball team?

A) One of its members won the Medal of Honor.

B) One of its members captained the U. S. Olympic Basketball team.

C) It had the first undefeated season in West Point basketball history.

D) It played its entire season without a coach..

9.Of the following Superintendents of The Military Academy, which had NOT previously served as Commandant of Cadets?

A) Fred W. Sladen (1890)

B) Merch B. Stewart (1896)

C) Garrison H Davidson (1927)

D) Frederick A. Irving  (April 1917)

10.This graduate was Corps Boxing champion and a member of the West Point Baseball Team.  He later became aide-de-camp to General Douglas MacArthur and rose to the rank of Brigadier General.   He also coached college football for 22 years and won a national championship.   Who was he?

A) Robert Neyland (1916)

B) Earl Blaik (1920)

C) Garrison Davidson (1927)

D) Dale Hall (1945)

Teaser for next time:  A future Superintendent of West Point, as a lieutenant in the midst of battle, met a senior officer who later became President of the United States.  The senior officer was disoriented and confused by the din of battle.  The lieutenant advised him to get on his horse, wave his sword in the air, and tell the milling mass of soldiers to rally and follow him.  The battle was won.   Name the future Superintendent and the future President.

This concludes Trivia Test No. 9. Thanks for participating.


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