West Point Trivia Test Number 8.

By John Ward, '64

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1. Which of the following were first captains of the Corps of Cadets? Douglas MacArthur 1903; John J Pershing 1886, William C Westmoreland 1936, Robert E Lee 1829, George S Patton 1909?
A) Patton, MacArthur, and Pershing

B) Pershing, Lee, and MacArthur

C)MacArthur, Pershing, and Westmoreland

D) Lee, MacArthur, and Westmoreland

2. When was the present version of the full dress hat ("tarbucket") adopted?
A) 1853

B) 1899

C) 1962

D) 1931

3. What sports fixture was introduced during the 1963 Army-Navy football game?
A) The wishbone formation.

B) Instant replay

C) The flying wedge

D) The 2 point conversion

4. What was unique about cadet officer uniforms from 1840 to 1842?
A) They did not wear plumes but wore simple pompoms like the rest of the Corps.

B) They wore a blue Army officer's tunic instead of gray full dress.

C) They wore extra buttons on their full dress coats.

D) They wore Army officer insignia instead of cadet stripes.

5. What West Point Grad resigned his commission after 8 years but decided to reapply and, while serving as a civilian surveyor, was cited for heroism for taking command, having 7 shots pass through his clothing, and for being the last man to embark when the detachment he was accompanying was defeated in Florida? He later became a Brigadier General in the U. S. Army and was prominent in the Civil War.
A) George Meade.

B) William T Sherman

C) Joseph Johnston

D) Jedediah Hotchkiss

6. What did NOT happen to the Class of 1957 during graduation week?
A) Plebes were ordered to go to firsties' rooms to be recognized..

B) Most of the Class was excluded from graduation hop.

C) The class was personally chewed out by the Chief of Staff of the Army.

D) One company commander threatened to run through some of his classmates with his saber.

7. What graduate was a cousin of the owners of Constitution Island, wrote an unpublished novel ``Out of Stony Lonesome``, established a civilian School in Japan with academics and discipline modeled on West Point, and is recognized as founder of a major Protestant denomination in Japan.?
A) Lucian K Truscott IV 1969.

B) LeRoy L. Janes. May 1861

C) Erik K. Shinseki 1965.

D) Zeng Tse Wong June 24 1922.

8. What was a major event in the career of Michael S. Culbertson, 1839?
A) He graduated first in his class.

B) He was a major general murdered by Indians at a peace parley, causing Congress to terminate the practice of negotiating treaties with the Indian tribes.

C) He translated the Bible into Chinese

D) He was recalled from retirement to be Superintendent of West Point.

9.What West Point graduate fought as an officer with the Army of the Potomac in the Civil War and also served on active duty in World War I?
A) Alexander MacKenzie 1864

B) Joseph Wheeler 1859

C) Peter C Hains June 1861

D) Charles A Dempsey 1865

10.Who was the first foreign graduate of West Point and from what country?
A) Vincente Lim 1914 from the Philipines

B)Lewis Blanco 1820 from Chile

C)Antonio Barrios 1889 from Guatemala

D) Eric Bergland 1869 from Sweden

This concludes Trivia Test No. 8. Thanks for participating.

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