West Point Trivia Test Number 7.

By John Ward, '64

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1. Which one of the following West Point graduates, who went on to great fame and success, never took a book out of the USMA library as a cadet?
A) Ulysses Grant, future General And President

B) Ambrose Burnside, future Maj. Gen. and Governor of Rhode Island

C)Phil Sheridan, future General and Commander in Chief of the Army

D) J.E.B.Stuart, future Confederate general

2. What was introduced to West Point in 1850
A) permission for cadets to smoke in their rooms

B) gas lighting in cadet barracks

C) running water in cadet barracks

D) steam heat in cadet barracks

3. What Medal of Honor Winner and Superintendent of the Military Academy was dismissed as a cadet for allowing hazing - but was reinstated through political influence?
A)Douglas MacArthur.

B) John Schofield

C) Philip Sheridan

D) O.O.Howard

4. What cadet was the subject of the following recommendation from the Superintendent: "Recommend that "xxxxxx" be at once separated from the Academy as the greatest act of mercy and clemency to the Corps of Cadets."
A) George Custer (Class of June 1861) from Richard Delafield

B) Dwight Eisenhower (Class of 1915) from Douglas MacArthur

C) Ambrose E Burnside (Class of 1847) from Richard Delafield

D) Edgar Allen Poe (ex-1834) from Sylvanus Thayer

5. Which of the following changes in cadet life did NOT take place in the 1930's?
A) Change from walking the area under arms to walking the area without a rifle.

B) Change from hightop shoes to low oxfords

C) Cartridge boxes on parade uniform ceased to be functional boxes that could be opened and became a leather covered block of wood

D) Introduction of black, gray, and gold collar insignia to distinguish between Firsties, Cows, and Yearlings.

6. What dubious distinction belongs to Cadet John Carmichael Jr. (ex-1927)?
A) He was elected Class President, only to die right after a baseball game at West Point.

B) He was killed by artillery fire during cadet training.

C) He spent 8 years from admission as a cadet to the date of discharge without ever getting beyond cow year.

D) He disappeared from West Point one night and was never traced. .

7. What did the term "Pegasus Remounts" stand for?
A) The swiftest cavalry horses, which were reserved for first classmen intending to go cavalry.

B) The Title of the 1939 100th Nite Show.

C) The title of an anthology of cadet poetry.

D) A nickname given to Thayer Hall, which used to be a horseback riding hall, after it was converted or "remounted" as classrooms.

8. What West Point graduate was born in France, raised by the revolutionary writer Thomas Paine, and later served as aide de camp to LaFayette?
A) Auguste Pierre Chouteau (Class of 1806)

B) Pascal Vincent Bouis (Class of 1806)

C) Benjamin L. E. Bonneville (Class of 1815)

D) Rene E. DeRussy (Class of 1812)

9.March 16, 2002 will mark the 200th anniversary of the legislation that established the United States Military Academy. In that interval (1802-2002) and including the Class of 2002, how many classes have graduated??
A) 200

B) 201

C) 199

D) 203

10.When was the first formal, planned class reunion at West Point?
A) 1870



D) 1853

This concludes Trivia Test No. 7. Thanks for participating.

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