West Point Trivia Test Number 6.

By John Ward, '64

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1. The third Black graduate of USMA served on the frontier, as an ROTC Professor, as Major of Ohio Volunteers in the Spanish American War, as military attache in Haiti and Liberia , and on Pershing's Mexican expedition. Who was he?
A) Henry O Flipper

B) Johnson C Whittaker

C) Charles Young

D) Roscoe Robinson Jr.

2. What former cadet was reinstated by Andrew Jackson after dismissal for conduct - only to fail French - and went on to become the only person to have served in every major campaign of the Texas Revolution of 1835-36?
A) John W. Baylor (ex-1836)

B) Lewis Armistead (ex-1837)

C) John A Campbell (ex-1830)

D) James Walker Fannin (ex-1823)

3. What was invented by George Washington Whistler (Class of 1819) "Whistler's Father"?
A) A new kind of cannon.

B) A simplified and modernized system of infantry tactics to replace "Scott's Tactics".

C) An all weather asphalt paving material

D) Contour lines to show elevation and relief on maps.

4. What West Point graduate was in charge of constructing the Pentagon?
A) Montgomery C Meigs (Class of 1940)

B) Leslie R Groves (Class of Nov. 1918)

C) Clarence O Sherrill (Class of 1901)

D) William Hoge (Class of 1916)

5. What class volunteered to graduate early to go into combat but had its request denied?
A) 1943

B) 1898

C) 1862

D) 1836

6. Where has the Dade Monument been located?
A) In Fort Clinton, then near the Cadet Chapel

B) At the site of Cullum Hall, then at the site of the Patton Statue, then in the cemetery.

C) Across from Grant Hall, then placed in storage.

D) It has always been in the same place.

7. Beginning in 1838, cadets were charged 20 cents per month by West Point for furnishing what?
A) Soap

B) Laundry

C) Beds

D) Water

8. What West Point graduate was the first passenger to fly in an airplane; received International Airplane Pilot's License No. 1, Balloon pilot license No. 4, Dirigible Airship license No. 2, Expert Aviator license No. 15, and later established the "West Point of the Air" at Randolph Field, Texas?
A) Thomas Selfridge (class of 1903)

B) Frank Lahm (Class of 1901)

C) Henry H Arnold (Class of 1907)

D) George Squire (Class of 1887)

9.Three of the following four people were (a)West Point Graduates and (b) served in the U. S. House of Representatives. Who of this group did not fit both (a) and (b)?
A) Joseph Wheeler

B) Jefferson Davis

C) James Monroe

D) Henry A. DuPont

10.When did the West Point basketball team play its first basketball game and against what team?
A) 1903 against the Yonkers YMCA

B) 1890 against Navy

C)1890 against a team from New York City.

D) 1902 against Navy

This concludes Trivia Test No. 6. Thanks for participating.

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