West Point Trivia Test Number 5.

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1. Who was the only West Point cadet ever sentenced to death by a court martial?
A) Jeremiah E. Dargan (ex-1832)

B) Robert C Kennedy (ex 1858)

C) George A Custer (June 1861) during his Plebe year.

D) James F. Walker (ex-1823)

2. What did the following have in common with respect to West Point: Jefferson Davis, Solomon Foot, John Cochrane, Henry Winter Davis, Robert Anderson, A. A. Humphreys?
They were all appointed to West Point by James Monroe.

B) They were the pallbearers at the funeral of Gen. William T Sherman (1840).

C) They spent much of 1860 together at West Point investigating West Point.

D) They were the principal perpetrators of the Christmas Eve Eggnog Riot of 1826.

3. What else do James F Schenck, Henry K Thatcher, Andrew Foote, and Jacob Zeilin, non-graduates of the class of 1826, also have in common?
A) They all drowned in the Hudson in July of 1824 while bathing at Gee's Point, an accident that led to installation of running water in barracks.

B) They all became Navy Admirals or Marine Corps Generals.

C) They all joined the Egyptian Army.

D) They were dismissed from West Point as instigators of a round robin letter signed by 179 cadets, protesting Thayer's discipline and threatening mutiny

4. What change in cadet uniforms took place August 28, 1845?
Thin stripes were added to the lower sleeves to distinguish 3rd, 2nd and 1st classes.

B) The dress gray coat was introduced.

C) Fly fronts replaced flap fronts on cadet trousers.

D) The present West Point crest was adopted for wear on full dress hats.

5. What famous athlete kicked a field goal and played fullback against Army, and later was hired by the Army Athletic Association to give some extra training to cadets?
Jim Thorpe

B) Paul Bunker

C) Napoleon McCallum

D) Christy Mathewson

6. When was the present First Class Club (old Ordnance Compound) built?
A) 1963

B) 1778

C) 1840

D) 1908

7. Edward Ferrero became a Brigadier General and Brevet Major General in the Union Army during the Civil War, having previously served on the faculty of West Point, although not a graduate. What was his subject?

B) Horsemanship

C) Swordsmanship

D) Dancing


8. What was unusual about cadet Daniel Mulhallon (ex-1818)?
He was a grandson of Ethan Allen of Revolutionary War fame.

B) He had been a British Officer before entering West Point.

C) He had only one arm.

D) He was a nephew of the President.
9.Who is honored by the Kelleher-Jobes Memorial at the north entrance to Flirtation Walk?
Two mess hall waiters whose combined service at retirement amounted to 103 years.

B) The engineer officers in charge of fortifying West Point under Benedict Arnold.

C) Two members of the Class of 1941.

D) The only non-graduates to serve as Commandant of Cadets.

10.Who of the following was first in his graduating class?
Robert E Lee

B) Douglas MacArthur

C) George B McClellan

D) George S Patton.

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