West Point Trivia Test Number 4.

By John Ward, '64

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1. What was special about the cadet career of Calvin P. Titus `05?
A) He was named temporary first captain when most of the upper classes were stranded by a snowstorm after visiting the St. Louis Worlds Fair.

B) He was the only cadet ever to score a perfect grade for the entire year of Yearling Math.

C) He received the Congressional Medal of Honor from President Roosevelt during his Plebe year.

D) He was the first cadet to be designated an assistant professor of Mathematics based on his prior college education.

2. What notable event in their cadet careers do the following share: Arnold Galiffa `50, Felix Blanchard `47, Harry T Smith `39; J H Watkins June `43?
A) They were each named to the National Football Hall of Fame for achievement as cadets.

B) They were each on the cover of LIFE Magazine as cadets.

C) They were each Heisman Trophy finalists.

D) They were each named First Captain of the Corps.

3. What remarkable event took place at West Point shortly after Thanksgiving, 1975?
A) As part of National Fitness Week, Richard Simmons (the fitness guy) was allowed to lead the entire Corps in aerobics at reveille formation.

B) Timothy Leary, the famous `60s hippie and ex-cadet (ex Jun `43) streaked naked across the Plain during a parade.

C) Ross Perot locked himself in the Cadet Chapel bell tower and played Anchors Aweigh the night before the Army-Navy game.

D) The Commandant donned his old cadet uniform and marched as a cadet private to pay off a football bet to an exchange Tac from Navy.

4. In 1962, West Point was challenged by the Oxford team to what competitive event (for which USMA did not then have a team)?
A) Bridge
B) Rugby football
C) Tiddlywinks
D) Cricket

5. What lower classman roomed with future general Albert Sidney Johnston (`26) as a cadet, later left the Army to become a minister, became Missionary Bishop of the Southwest, and was later a Confederate combat officer killed in action?
A) James Clark, `29
B) Gabriel J Rains `27
C) Leonidas Polk `27
D) Albert E Church `28

6. Cadet Vincent M Lowe has a dubious distinction. What is it??
A) He was the first cadet killed on duty (by a premature cannon shot)

B) He was on the Union side at Fort Sumter but later joined the Confederacy.

C) He was the first person killed in an airplane crash.

D) He was quilled as cadet first sergeant for engaging in sword fighting with another cadet in the barracks area.

7. The Corps of Cadets has over 4,000 members today. What was its lowest strength and when?
Zero in 1802 from March until the newly appointed cadets arrived.

B) 164 in 1861 because of the departure of the southerners.

C) Two in 1812 because of a hostile Secretary of War

D) 95 in 1918 when only the Plebe class was left because of WWI early graduations.


8. What do the 18 foot high figure of Athena on the Library Tower (built in 1963-64) and the statues of the "Nine Worthies" in the Academic Board Room (built in 1908-11) have in common?
A) They were copied from originals at the British Military School at Sandhurst.

B) They were paid for by contributions from American soldiers all over the world.

C) They contain the same mistake - a straight scabbard but a curved sword.

D) They were created by the same artist
9. Class Rings were introduced by the Class of 1835 and have been continuously used by the Long Gray Line since 1837 - except for the Class of 1879? What happened in 1879??
The Class chose cufflinks in place of class rings.

B) A Financial panic made gold unobtainable.

C) They could not agree on a design.

D) The Class agreed to donate the precious metal to make a gold cup for the first son born to a class member.

10. How was the Alma Mater composed?
John Philip Sousa composed it at the request of the Class of 1911

B) A yearling composed it while walking the area.

C) It was composed as part of the score for the 1908 100th Night Show

D) It was the class song for the Class of 1865.

This concludes Trivia Test No. 4. Thanks for participating.

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