West Point Trivia Test Number 3.

By John Ward, '64

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1. Who in the following list of 4 star generals did NOT letter in Football while at West Point?

2. What is remarkable about Charles C. Parsons, Class of June 1861?

3. What do these graduates of USMA have in common? George Patton 1909; P. C. Hains, 1924; Ronald Zinn; 1962

4. What is remarkable about Cadet Richard C Cox (ex-1952)?

5. Which of these coaches did not serve as head or assistant coach at West Point?

6. What ringleader of the famous Eggnog Riot at West Point escaped court martial and graduated, even though he was disliked by the Superintendent?

7. What was unique about the classes of 1913 and 1914?


8. What is the origin of the cadet slang term "boodle"
9. What was unique about the reason for the departure of Cadet Ernest Eddie Haskell (ex-1900) from West Point and the Corps of Cadets?

10. What West Point Football Coach eventually became Superintendent of West Point?

This concludes Trivia Test No. 3. Thanks for participating.

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