West Point Trivia Test Number 2.
By John Ward, '64

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1. Who in the following list did NOT attend West Point? (hint, none of these folks graduated)

2. Who were or are the *Orioles*?

3. What was the lowest rank of anyone ever appointed Superintendent of West Point and when?

4. The West Point song Army Blue began as the Class Song of what Class?

5. Which West Point Graduate was the senior ranking general officer (by date of rank as full General) in the Confederate Army?

6. When was the present West Point Crest adopted?

7. What West Point Graduates became 5 star generals in World War II?

8. What was Battery Byrne?

9. Which of these projects was NOT completed by aWest Point graduate?

10. Robert Woods was First Captain in 1945 ---- what other accomplishment could he boast of?

This concludes Trivia Test No. 2. Thanks for participating. If you have Trivia questions and answers you would like to submit, Please submit them to the e-mail link below.