West Point Trivia Test Number 1.

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1. Who Was Dennis M. Michie?

2. According to Gen. Sherman, was war glory or hell?

3. Where is the Kissing Rock?

3. Who is Benny Havens?

4. Who was the class Goat in 1846?

5. What was introduced at the Academy in 1823?

6. Who was the 9th Superintendent of West Point?

7. When was the Superintendents house built?

8. In the late 1800's photographs show some of the cadet uniforms with 16 rows of buttons rather than the regular 8 rows. What did the extra buttons signify?

9. In the 1800's chapel attendance was cumpulsory. The Pastor was always an Episcopalian. How were other religions delt with?

10. Where is the Kissing Triee?

This concludes Trivia Test No. 1. Thanks for participating.