Memorial Day • May 31, 2010

AWON Dads & Loved Ones Honored
in Parade down Constitution Avenue!

The parade down Constitution Avenue . . .

. . . culminates in a celebration at the World War II Memorial.

Awon and the Spirit of '45 joined forces to form a strong presence at the
Memorial Day events in Washington this year. AWONers and the Spirit of '45
volunteers carried photos of some of our fathers in the Memorial Day Parade

and then placed them around the World War II Memorial.


Our Fathers and loved ones were honored by volunteers in front of the Wall of Honor,
where each gold star represents 100 of our precious fallen.


Images of our fathers on the march.


The Spirit of '45 and AWON marchers.


Lorin McCleary and his wife, Roberta Holmes, carry photos of Lieutenants House and Gaffney.


At the Wall of Stars, WWII Memorial are Lorin McCleary, Ann Mix, Betty Volkan.
the bugler, Clatie Cunningham, Phyllis Lewis, AWON President, Ed Peters,
and Warren Hegg of the Spirit of '45 group.


Volunteers line up to place the photos around the Memorial.


Skip Adams talking with the Spirit of '45 volunteers.


Skip takes a break under a photo of our Dads.

Thanks to Warren and and Ryan Hegg, this honoring may be an annual precedent
for which in every year to come, we can thank the whole Spirit of '45 organization.

The top composite photo is thanks to Warren and Ryan Hegg and the Spirit of '45.
The first Memorial photo is thanks to Penny LeGrand and the remaining shots
of the parade and memorial are thanks to Lorin McCleary.