Memorial Day 2016 – at Fort Rosecrans – San Diego, CA


The AWON wreath.


Presenters of the wreath were Rita Niro Blair, Barbara Torrey Smith, her grandchildren
Christopher and Joseph Gentile, Sharon (not pictured), and Roger Connor and their
grandchildren, Saxon and Kenley Edwards.

Barbara brought the beautiful AWON floral arrangement and was able to get reserved seats
for everyone at the front. It was a glorious sunny day, with patriotic music by the Marine Band,
remarks by politicians and military personnel, and finally the presentation of the wreaths. As the AWON
contingent walked up with the AWON wreath, the announcer called out "Veterans of Foreign Wars."
Somehow AWON got left off the list. They presented the wreath, kept calm, and carried on.

Special thanks to Barbara Torrey Smith for her yearly floral offering,
to Sharon Connor for the photos and to Roger Connor for the submissions.