Memorial Day 2013 at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific • Honolulu, Hawaii

AWON Members Alix Bonneyman Prejean and Vanita Rae Smith presented the AWON wreath at the Memorial Day, 2013, ceremony at the American Battle Monuments National Memorial of the Pacific in Honolulu. The ABMC's Memorial includes the Tablets of the Missing, with the names of those men lost or buried at sea in the Pacific (other than in the South Pacific, where the names are listed at the ABMC's memorial in Manila). This beautiful memorial sits high on the hillside of the Puowaina Crater, known affectionately as the Punchbowl, whick looks out over the graves at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

Alix and Vanita present the AWON wreath.


The lovely, tropical AWON wreath with the names of 66 AWON Fathers or loved ones
buried or memorialized in the Punchbowl.


In Their Memory

Thanks to Punchbowl Stateside Coordinator Susan Chadd for the arrangements,
and for submitting the photos above.