Memorial Day 2013 at Manila American


Mr. and Mrs. Vicente Lim III presented the AWON wreath. Mr. Lim's grandfather,
Brigadier General Vicente Lim is listed on Tablets of the Missing.

The beautiful AWON wreath for Memorial Day 2013.


Susie Lim-Yap, Alfredo Lim, Mayor of Manila (but not related to the other Lims),
Vicente Lim III and Lourdes Susan Del Rosario Lim are pictured above. Susie and Vicente III
are children of Vicente II, who passed away last year, and are grandchildren of
Brigadier General Vicente Lim, who is on the Manila Tablets of the Missing.


Banners remember 78 AWON Fathers and loved ones by name.


The Manila banners remember 78 men by name, along with
so many others who died in the cause of freedom.

In Their Memory

Thanks to Assistant Superintendent Bert Caloud for the coordinations,
and to Manila Stateside Coordinator Patty Temte for the arrangements
and for the submission of photos and other information.