Memorial Day 2009 at Henri-Chapelle
Services held Saturday, May 23 at 4:00 PM
remembering 8,442 who died for our country
and others in the cause of freedom.

So many of the fallen are remembered each year at Henri-Chapelle.


This wreath represents 64 men beloved by their AWON families
and honors all those Americans who rest or are remembered at Henri-Chapelle.


Bernard and Régine Achten pioneered and originated the AWON
Wreath Laying program at American overseas cemeteries, and each year arrange
and watch over the wreath presentation at Henri-Chapelle. Representing all of us,

their profound dedication to the memory of our Fathers and other loved ones
is appreciated beyond words by the sons and daughters, sisters and
brothers, nephews, nieces and granchildren of these fallen men.


The services at Henri Chappelle included the chopper arrival
of General Bantz J. Craddock.


General Craddock is the U.S. European Commander
and Supreme Allied Commander in Europe.


The 2009 Memorial Day Program.

Order of Events

Our 64 loved ones are remembered by name.


In Their Memory

Thanks to Henri-Chapelle Coordinator Rik Peirson for the stateside arrangements –
and to Régine, Bernard, & Marie Achten for the arrangements in Belgium.