Memorial Day 2016 at Epinal

The wreath laying at Epinal American Cemetery
is in the Vosges Mountains of France.


The AWON Wreath.


Jean Obert Kimbriel and her father, PVT Ernest H. Obert.


JoAnne Rowman Morrissey visits her father, 2LT Theodore Rowman for the first time.


Members Jean Obert Kimbriel and JoAnne Rowman Morrissey presented the AWON wreath this year.
Jocelyne Papelard-Brescia of US Memory Grand est France group, school children
of Charmes and many others helped Jean and JoAnne feel assured that their fathers
were respected and cared for at Epinal American.


In Their Memory

Photos sent by Jocelyne Papelard of US Memory Grand est France.
Submitted by Sharon Connor.