Memorial Day 2012 at Epinal


The Epinal Memorial Day wreath remembers forty men by name,
and many others at Epinal who died in the cause of freedom.


Roland Prieur, Nicolas, and Jerome Leclerc receive
the AWON wreath for presentation.


Roland, Nicolas, and Jerome share a quiet moment of reverence. Roland
is a member of the patriotic association Espace de Memoire Lorraine 1939-1945,
of which Jerome is Secretary. The association has created a WWII Museum,
and all members are devoted to perpetuating the relationship between the French
and American citizens to be sure the French liberators are not forgotten.
"Their hearts beat for America."

Roland and Nicolas with the AWON Wreath and Banners.


The front of the ABMC Program for the service.


An Air Force Master Sergeant plays Taps.


The flyover at Epinal American.


Two Banners name the forty men remembered by AWON sons and daughters.


In Their Memory

Thanks to Epinal Stateside Coordinator Dave Colinan for the arrangements.