Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wow, what an AWON gathering was held at Hoss's Steak and Sea House in York. AWONers gathered just after 11:00 to meet and greet both old friends and new. They enjoyed  lunch and continued conversations. Some of the AWONers had corresponded with each other, but had never met face to face until they got to York. There was time to talk about their fathers' stories for those who wanted to do so. Folks brought pictures and information to share with the others. 

There were a total of 23 people from at least four states; 18 orphans, 4 spouses, and Lynne Lecrone's aunt. The orphans and guests were; Janice Buterbaugh, Gail Eisenhauer, Maggie Fenstermacher, Caroline Jackson, Phyllis Louis, Nancy Morrell, Mary Lee Orbert, Susan Perko, Harry Potter, Al Reinecker, Jeanne Rhinehart, Ken Sills, Barbara VanAulen, Donna and Dick Allen, Norm and Mary Burkey, Eugene and Betty Fromm, Ken and Gail Null, and Lynne Lecrone and Lynne's aunt, Annabel Bare.  It was quite a group.

Gail, Mary Lee, Sue, Harry, and Lynne, having arrived early enough on Friday to get together, headed to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. They spent a very relaxing time eating and chatting. On Saturday, nine of the group headed to a sandwich deli and, after they left the restaurant,  continued their conversations before saying good-byes. It was a wonderful time to be together and to remember their fathers. Lynne is hoping to plan another gathering for April 25th, 2009.

Lynne sends thanks to all who came and shared their time with their AWON brothers and sisters.

Front Row: Nancy Morrell, Phyllis Louis, Donna Allen, Barbara VanAulen,
Caroline Jackson, Lynne Lecrone, and Ken Null. Back Row: Ken Sills, Harry Potter, Maggie Fenstermacher,
Sue Perko, Gail Eisenhauer, Eugene Fromm, Janice Buterbaugh, Jeanne Rhinehart, and Norm Burkey


Photos and Text submitted by and thanks to Lynne Lecrone.