March 20, 2010
Veterans' Memorial and Museum

Pearl Harbor Survivors meet in San Diego
to plan May 28th "Spirit of '45" Event

Jacket logo of the Pearl Harbor Survivors.

On March 20, 2010, Sharon and Roger Connor, along with Linda Laurie, San Diego Program Coordinator for the "Spirit of '45 Campaign," took part in a special meeting of the San Diego Chapter of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association at the Veterans Memorial and Museum here in San Diego. About 30 members were present, along with a few spouses and many friends and admirers. Stu Hedley, the Chapter president, is a lively,animated fellow and he kept the meeting moving along at a brisk pace.

During and after the meeting, several of the survivors were interviewed and videotaped by students from the High Tech High School. Each veteran was asked one question: "Where were you and what were you doing when you heard that Japan had surrendered ending WWII?" Their stories will be preserved and all of them will be included on the "Spirit of '45" website. To learn more . . . Click Here!

AWON is a Founding National Sponsor of the "Spirit of '45 Campaign," which has thre egoals: 1) To call on Congress to designate the second Sunday in August as a National Day of Remembrance (WWII ended on August 14, 1945); 2) To raise public awareness about the 65th anniversary of that day; 3) To collect and preserve first-hand memories of those who experienced August 14, 1945.

On Friday, May 28 there will be tributes in several cities across the country, in preparation for Memorial Day. AWON, in cooperation with other partners in the "Spirit of '45 Campaign," will have a part in many of these. In San Diego, the tribute will be in the evening by the statue, Unconditional Surrender, near the Midway. Roger and Sharon will try to round up the So-Cal group of AWONers to participate.

Linda is working on the agenda for the evening. It may include some or all of the following: A color guard; an invocation by Stu Hedley, President of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association; remarks by Assemblyman Fletcher on the true meaning of Memorial Day, and short talks by representatives of partners in the "Spirit of '45 Campaign."

Roger will speak for AWON. The Girl Scouts, The Red Hat Society and High Tech High will also be represented.

Linda Laurie with Pearl Harbor survivor, Ralph Lindemeyer.


Linda with the members of the Pearl Harbor Survivors San Diego chapter.


Roger Connor with survivor Bob Rufatto.


Sharon Connor interviews survivor John Morrill, the vice president of the group.


Chapter President, Stu Hedley surrounded by the video production crew,
including students, their teacher Zoe Randall (orange top),
videographer Bob Olsen and Linda.

Photos and text are thanks to Roger Connor.