Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The AWON family gets around.

Floyd Johnson, son of Nancy Sue Johnson, of Missoula, Montana (and Grandson of PFC John Riley Brown) is a long-haul trucker who had a load from Idaho destined for Piqua, Ohio – just ten miles from the Motts in Troy. It didn't take long to make the connection – and the pictorial evidence is below, along with Nancy Sue's account of the meeting:  

On Friday April 18th, Floyd loaded the cedar siding in Old Town, Idaho near Rathdrum. The trailer of the semi is 48 feet long and was stacked as high as the sleeper on the truck and wrapped with a tarp and strapped down.

One good lookin' truck.

He left Missoula on Sunday, April 20. From Missoula to Piqua, Ohio it is 1,941 miles which is approximately 10 miles from Nick and Darlene Mott’s home. Through several emails and phone calls, arrangements were made with Nick and Darlene to meet in Piqua. Floyd arrived in Piqua around 2:00 am on Wednesday, April 23 and called the Motts when he got up and was ready to start unloading.

Floyd gets an assist from Nick on the unload in Piqua.

Nick helped roll up some of the straps that had secured the load for the trip from Montana to Ohio.

Because of Floyd’s tight schedule and having to go to his next load, they visited with him while he was getting unloaded in Piqua, though there wasn’t enough time to go sit down for a meal.

But when the cedar was all unloaded, Darlene asked the forklift driver to take a picture of the 3 of them by Floyd’s truck and he got Floyd and Nick’s heads and missed Darlene. As you know, Darlene is known to say “I AM standing.”


Floyd, (I AM standing) Darlene and Nick Mott in front of Floyd's 18-wheeler.


Let's try that again, as anyone around AWON knows, Darlene and Nick (about to tackle
the Tucson Conference Name Tags) both stand very tall among us.

It should be noted here that among those who volunteer so much for AWON is Nancy Sue Johnson,
who for several years has organized and staged the Tributes on the website. If you'd like help in adding
a Tribute to our pages, Nancy Sue would be happy to hear from you at any time. Just Click Here!

The story and photos are thanks to Nancy Sue and Floyd Johnson. Ohio hospitality by the Motts.