June 6, 2008 (D-Day) • then July 22-30, 2008

French 8th grade school teacher, Christelle Zuccolotto, has a contemporary history project for her students, in conjunction with her English class, where the students are in contact with English speaking WWII veterans.  She teaches 8th grade English at College Elie Faure in Sainte Foy la Grande, which is about 60 miles east of Bordeaux, France.  A truly amazing teacher, she is now in her fourth year of not only teaching her students English, but also teaching respect and rememberance of all who helped liberate her country.  The class went to Normandy for D-Day this year, as they have for the past three years, and held a ceremony at the grave of Cpl. John S. Howe, father of Dale Howe Sisco.  The U.S. Consul, Kenneth Forder, arranged a grant from the U.S. Embassy to assist the students in making the trip.  Class members wrote a beautiful letter to American Veterans and placed flowers on Cpl. Howe's grave.  Joel Guyard, sponsor of Cpl Howe's grave, and Mr. Jack Dixon, a WWII hero who attends every ceremony possible, were both present during the memorial.

Ms. Zuccolotto also sponsored a bilingual exhibit in July which included Dale Sisco's father's memorabilia, including a poem written by Dale's mother. Among the exhibit attendees were the U.S. Consul, several mayors from surrounding towns and Mr. Dixon.  After the exhibit was over, Ms. Zuccolotto wrote:  "The exhibit is now over. It was open till today. As I must have told you the consul came yesterday. I had invited about 40 people - mayors, associations and students. I wanted to tell you the letter you wrote to your Dad was read by me in English and by a student in French. Everybody was very moved. So moved that a lady then came to me to tell me she wanted to sponsor the grave of a GI."

Dale writes, "She said that she would once again visit my father's grave next week when she is in Normandy.  It is so heart-warming to know that she, Jean-Marc, Joel and others are visiting his grave, since I've never been there." 

Poster for the Bilingual Exhibit


The Bilingual Exhibit


Cpl. John Howe's portion of the exhibit.


Christelle, Benjamin (a student) and the U.S. Consul as she reads my letter
to my father in English and Benjamin reads it in French.


The Mayor, Mr. Jack Dixon and Christelle standing beside Cpl. Howe's exhibit. 


Cpl. Howe's cross, decorated with beautiful with flowers placed by the class.


Class at Cpl. Howe's grave joined by Mr. Jack Dixon, a mayor
and Joel Guyard who sponsors Cpl. Howe's grave.

Text is thanks to Dale Sisco.  Photos are thanks to Christelle Zuccolotto.