Sunday, October 26, 2014

Eight AWON members met and had a regional lunch in Manhattan.

Seated around the table are new member Carol Messeri, Maggie Malone, and three
of AWON's earliest members: Joan Marlow, Millie Cavanaugh, and past President Gloria Layne.
Standing are Renée Cooley and new members Nancy Meyer and Betsy Harris.

Eight AWON members had lunch at the Bryant Park Grill in Manhattan today. Three were original AWONers, having attended the 1991 No Greater Love event in Washington D.C. where AWON was created: Millie Cavanaugh, Gloria Layne and Joan Marlow. Two others joined AWON only this year: Nancy Meyer and Carol Messeri. The others? Renée Cooley, the sister of Sharon Crowley Connor and an AWON member in her own right, Betsy Harris and Maggie Malone. For 3 hours we talked about such things as AWON's history, our fathers, our mothers, the Seattle conference, how to research a father's military experience, and more regional get-togethers. Then we returned to our respective homes in New Jersey, Staten Island, Long Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Next time we hope someone from upstate N.Y. and Connecticut can make it but, all in all, it was a terrific lunch that we hope to repeat early in the new year!


The photo and information are thanks to Maggie Malone, with staging by Judy Hoffman