Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans Day Parade

The NYC parade up 5th Avenue was as exciting as ever. It was preceded by speeches (particularly strong ones by a medal of honor winner of the Vietnam war and Mayor Mike Bloomberg) and a wreath-laying ceremony where AWON's gold and purple wreath stood out nicely. AWONers and family members marching included Robert Harding and his wife, Chisaato, with their son Bobby leading us, flag in hand; Penny Bernstein, Gail Eisenhaur, Sue Perko, MaryLee Obert, Bill McGuire and  his wife Bernadette, Michael Gottlieb and Maggie Malone. There in spirit was Betsy Harris who couldn't find us in the crowds and craziness. It was a bright, chilly day, perfect for marching. All of us had emotional moments as we followed two shuttle buses filled with WWII veterans and handed out AWON brochures. Afterward, ten of us ate at Angelo's  Pizza (at 117 W. 57th St.) where we had an upstairs room practically to ourselves, just as we did last year. We shared stories at a long table by a wonderful row of windows where the treetops outside were still green with leaves.

Before the parade:  Left to right. Bob Harding and son Bobby, Bill McGuire, Penny Bernstein, Bernadette McGuire, Sue Perko. Behind them is one of two trolleys filled with WWII veterans. To their right are members of the Army's 77th Regional Readiness Command, United States Military Academy.

Marching in the parade:  Left to far right: Bob Harding, Penny Bernstein, Bill McGuire, Bernadette McGuire, Sue Perko (way back, handing out brochures), and Michael Gottlieb. Behind them, the Pickerington Marching Tiger Band from Ohio.

Penny Bernstein, Sue Perko, Bob Harding, Maggie Malone, MaryLee Obert,
Bill and Bernadette McGuire. In front, Bobby Harding, with his flag. 


Many thanks for the first two photos to Chisaato Harding; and for the last
photo to Penny Bernstein. Text by Maggie Malone.