Saturday, May 17, 2008

On Armed Forces Day, Shirley McKinney visited the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. Although Shirley had broken her arm on the cruise ship which took her there, she went straight from the ship to the museum and says "I wouldn't have missed it." 

AWON is assisting in fund raising for the expansion of the museum and Shirley had some photos taken of the museum personnel.

Patriots Circle and Membership Regional Director of the National World War II Museum
Melissa Cabrera with Shirley and Saturday volunteers Sandy Hecker and Veteran, Dr. Isaacson.

Museum Volunteers Tommy GodChaux and Paul Melancon with Shirley.

Many thanks to Shirley for this above and beyond the call dedication –
staying with the objective, broken arm or NOT! If you want to match this
dedication with a donation . . . to help further what Chickie Shields has done
to involve AWON in the building of the National WWII Museum, please Click Here!

Photos and Text thanks to & submitted by Shirley McKinney.