Carlisle/Gettysburg Pennsylvania
October, 2009

The weekend started with research at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle. At 9 a.m., a member of staff gave the visiting AWONers a tour of the facility. On exhibit were some of Tony Vaccaro's photographs of World War II.   The group was surprised to  see a large photo of the famous "White Death"; Sam Tannenbaum's Father. It was the largest one on display and beautifully framed. Nearby was a smaller version with the name of Pvt. Henry Tannenbaum and the story of the photo as told by his son, Sam.

The group conducted research about their fathers with the assistance of the very helpful staff who said that they were very honored to host the group. Friday evening the AWONers gathered for dinner and delightful conversation at Sunnyside Restaurant.  They spent time with old friends, made new friends, talked about their Fathers and told their stories.

On Saturday, the group met at The Gettysburg Tour Center on Baltimore Street for the Gettysburg Battlefield Tour.   They agreed the tour was like being there and watching the battle take place. It rained over the weekend and about 4 minutes after the bus took off for the tour, it stopped raining.   At the end of the tour,  it started raining again; another small AWON miracle.

Other events that weekend included, a tour of the Eisenhower Farm, a visit to the Hall of Presidents and First Ladies, Boyd's Bear Country, civil war shops and the new big Tour Center for Gettysburg. Some AWONer's went on the one-mile-long walk of the Army Heritage Trail.

The group of 26 included members from six states and some new members.

We started here.


New President, Ed Peters, with his wife Pat at the computer station.


Nancy and Tom Boothe at work in the Education Center.


Paul and Madeline Teremy searching for information.


1st Row: Karl and Barbara Rosassa, Lynne Lecrone, Sandy MacDuffee, Marie Fowley, Nancy Boothe, Pat Peters
2nd Row: Bill and Maryalyce Lupher, Jeanne Rhinehart, Janice Buterbaugh, Carol Miller, Carol Labounty, Ed Peters.
Back Row: Rusty Lerch, Bill Chiodo and Tom Boothe


At Sunnyside Restaurant : Lt. to Rt. Carol Miller, Carol Labounty,
Ken and Delores Sills, Tom and Nancy Boothe


Camp Signpost from the Army Heritage Trail.

Attendees not pictured are Brigitt Caito, and Donna Pressley.


Photos and text are thanks to Janice Buterbaugh