Friday, February 29 through Monday, March 3, 2008

Four AWONers: Lynne Lecrone, Jeanne Rhinehart, Gloria Layne and Janice Buterbaugh enjoyed an AWON get-away weekend in Delaware. Lynne, Jeanne and Janice arrived on Friday and picked up Gloria at the local police station on Saturday morning. Nope, she didn't need bail. Her car navigator wouldn't take her any further.

The condo we stayed in was brand new and absolutely beautiful. The weather was delightful and breezy. It was a time for relaxing, talking about our Dads and our Grandparents, reminiscing about past conferences, laughing, dining, taking many tours and, of course, shopping. Gloria told us about her trip to Margraten with her AWON brothers and sisters. What a wonderful and emotional trip for those "Margraten Kids"!  Lynne, Jeanne and Janice were wishing they could have been with them. All too soon it was over and they headed for home on Monday afternoon with lasting memories.

Lynne, Jeanne, Janice, and Gloria on their Delaware Getaway. 

Many thanks for the text by Janice Ott Buterbaugh, and for the photo
by the Waiter at Harpoon Hannah's Restaurant