June 16 , 2012
Dallas, Texas

Ten Texas orphans, spouses and children gathered for lunch at
Jerry and Judy Pinkerton's home.

The network of Dallas area orphans is growing and the luncheon included many new faces. This was the second gathering in Dallas and another is planned for the spring. As always, there were many tears in sharing stories. This was the first time that many of the orphans had had an opportunity to share with other orphans. Judy and Jerry have agreed to host the spring gathering and the others suggested a pot luck lunch.

The gathering included Mark Mulder, Robert Landrum, Mary Nguyen, Wanda Russell,
Jerry Pinkerton, Mary Alice Renner, Patty Temte, Gail Brown, Carol Mercer.
Missing from the photo is Rodney Ives and the photographer (Judy Pinkerton).

The Photo is by Judy Pinkerton, with information submitted by Patty Temte and Jerry Pinkerton.