Friday, July 25, 2008

Bob Holliday and Terry Boettcher Receive the Iowa Adjutant General's Award for Excellence

Terry and Bob receive their awards from General Zirkelbach, Army National Guard.

At the regular scheduled board meeting of the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum, both AWON members Bob Holliday and Terry Boettcher were recognized by the Iowa Adjutant Generals' office for excellence in their efforts on behalf of the Iowa National Guard and the State of Iowa.

Front and back of the award.


Bob Holliday is the Board Chair for the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum and Terry is a board member. This museum is the only federally recognized military museum in the State of Iowa and its main mission is to honor and recognize any Iowan who has served in our nation's military, regardless of branch or mission. In 2003, an effort was started to fund a $4 million dollar expansion. Terry was assigned to be the museum board's project design lead.

The Iowa Gold Star Military Museum


The plan for the displays includes 23 interactive exhibits ranging from the early Iowa frontier to the current War on Terror.  Interesting individual exhibits are the Hornet's Nest at the Battle of Shiloh in the civil war and a World War II 113th Cav. Halftrack and 168th Inf. Regt. in Italy. The library at the museum holds all the muster records of every Iowan who served in the Civil War and there is an extensive weapons collection room.

Thanks for the award photo to Col. Bierl, Museum Director – and to Terry and Bob for the rest.