Monday, June 16, 2008

Belgium's Jack Million Band was in concert at Camp Dodge, Iowa in honor of all Iowa veterans.  AWON member Bob Holliday, was asked to say a few words prior to the concert about Margraten and, in particular, the Wall of the Missing. The Jack Million Band and their fans have adopted the names of the 41 Iowans who are listed on that wall in addition to other names from other midwestern states. On September 13, the band will be giving a concert at Margraten to gather more volunteers so that all names listed on this wall will be adopted by citizens in the area.

The Band plays Glenn Miller's music Glenn was from Clarinda, Iowa. The Jack Million band has been to the Glenn Miller Festival in Clarinda several times. Adopting the Iowan's names on the wall is a way for them to honor Mr. Miller and his music.

Terry Boettcher also attended the Camp Dodge concert and both AWON members were interviewed by the Dutch television crew accompanying the band. Copies of the banners from the wreath presented this year at the Margraten ABMC cemetery were presented to the TV crew.

Bob Holliday writes, "To say that the Jack Million Band is terrific, and that the evening was a roaring success would be putting it very mildly." Bob is the chairman of the Gold Star Military Musuem on post at Camp Dodge and Terry is a board member. The organization provided a picnic for the band prior to the concert.

Here's the link to the band's home page – complete with that
great big-band swinging sound: Click Here!  

Bob Holliday addresses the crowd prior to the concert.


Jack Million Band playing those old forties standards.


Terry, Ellen Bliek - vocalist, and Bob.


Bob, Jack Coenen - bandleader, trombone, vocal and accordion, and Terry

Thanks for Photos to Connie Boettcher and for text to Bob Holliday