Presentation of CPL Ed Newsom's Medals

Monday, May 26, 2008

Akeley, MN is a long way from Biak Island, and 1944. At the VFW Hall in Akeley, Senator Norm Coleman presented the Combat Medic Badge and the Bronze Star medal for Corporal Ed Newsom to AWON member Kathy Swanson (Ed's daughter) and  to her mother, Ethel Johnson. Kathy's father, Cpl. Newsome, who was an Army  medic, died after being wounded on Biak Island, August  17, 1944. Kathy was born that same day. This ceremony culminated nine years of Kathy's persistence to get the last of the medals her father earned. Senator Coleman's office intervened and proudly celebrated with Kathleen, Mrs. Johnson and the entire family. The Akeley VFW hosted the event and  displayed the AWON banner on the side of the building for all to see from the highway. Minnesota AWON co-ordinator, Pat Morrison and husband Jerry drove their motor home north for a long weekend to be with Kathy, family, and friends at this presentation. Kathy displayed AWON materials inside along with her father's memorabilia and spoke of how AWON inspired her in her search to learn about her father and how important AWON is to her. Kathy is a life member of the VFW Auxiliary and active in the color guard. 

Kathy Swanson speaking at the ceremony.

AWON Banner displayed at the VFW.

Senator Norm Coleman, Ethel Johnson and Kathleen Swanson.

Pat Morrison and Kathleen Swanson.

The Medals earned by CPL Ed Newsom and presented to his family.


Photos and Text thanks to and submitted by Pat Morrison.