DOD instructs military to brace for a coronavirus ‘pandemic’ and quarantine any soldiers that have been to China this month

The US military has been given an executive order to prepare for the possibility of a coronavirus pandemic.

Navy and Marine Corps have been instructed to set their pandemic plans in motion and quarantine any service men or women who have been in mainland China since February 2.

Commanders are now reviewing their plans for containing the disease in the event that it breaks out among military personnel and to play a role, if necessary, in help authorities contain the disease in the general public in the US and abroad.

However, in no way ‘does the planning indicate a greater likelihood of an event developing,’ Navy Lt Commander Mike Hatfield told the Military Times.

‘As military professionals, planning for a range of contingencies is something we owe the American people.’

It comes as the number of American cases rose to 15 on Thursday, with the most recent three patients being people who had been quarantined on military bases after evacuation from Wuhan.


Author: Dian Welle