Cruise ship passengers to be quarantined at two military bases; US Army stops troops moving to and from South Korea, Italy for new assignments

American passengers on a cruise ship off the California coast will be transferred to Texas’ Lackland Air Force Base and Georgia’s Dobbins Air Reserve Base for testing for the coronavirus, officials said Sunday.

The U.S. Army has also stopped soldiers and their families from moving to South Korea and Italy for new assignments because of the outbreak in those countries.

“Approximately 90 Texans” are among the unspecified number of U.S. citizens expected to arrive at Lackland Air Force Base, according to a news release from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. It was not clear when the group would arrive.

“All of the repatriated citizens will remain at Lackland under quarantine until they clear the revised and heightened testing protocol to ensure they are not affected by the COVID-19 virus,” Abbot said.


Author: Dian Welle