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Greetings Classmates! I hope you all have recovered from the reunion and are enjoying the beautiful fall weather!

I would appreciate it very much if you could take 5-10 minutes to answer a few questions. We are using the answers from this survey to collect feedback for future reunions.

We would love to hear from anyone who attended the reunion -- grads, spouses, family, & friends.

Thank you in advance,
Cathy Kilner


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USMA Class of 1990

The Proud and The


20th Reunion

Sept 30-Oct 3, 2010



Dear Classmates,

Welcome back for our long awaited and action-packed 20th Reunion! It’s great to have you with us as

we gather to renew old friendships, our ties to one another as a class, and to West Point. We have a

tremendous turnout with over 400 returning classmates and almost 900 people participating in some portion of

the weekend’s activities. The accompanying information is intended to make your reunion more enjoyable, so

please review it carefully and keep it handy throughout the weekend. 


Cathy Kilner-Reunion Chair

Please pay close attention to the following pertinent points:

1. Clothing exchange procedures for those wearing military uniforms to parade
2. Saturday or Non hotel registration procedures
3. Buses are the ONLY thing sold out - all events still open (boat ride, NYC trip, football tickets, etc)
4. Attire for Friday night dinner dance - Dress is suit or sport coat (tie optional) for men and ladies equivalent.

Important Links:

1. Download PDF of the Finalized Reunion Agenda
2. Download PDF Welcome Letter (includes all the details shown on this website)
3. Register Online For Available Events at
4. Useful Phone Numbers
5. Current List of Registered Attendees (As of
September 20th, 2010)


REGISTRATION: At the registration table you will receive an envelope with the bus and meal tickets you

ordered, as well as a class tote bag containing your cap, Class coin/necklace, lanyards, name badges, updated

schedule, and Class information. Please review the agenda carefully. Should any changes occur, these will be

announced. You will also find a map and graduate guide from the AOG. Registration locations are listed on

the agenda.

  a. Memorabilia: If you ordered class memorabilia for pick up at the reunion, you’ll find it at the

      adjacent Everywear table. They will also have additional items for sale, as well as ones that you can

      order for delivery after the reunion. You may also shop at the various gift shops on post (AOG Gift

      Shop in the Alumni Center, USMA Bookstore, the Cadet Store, DUSA Gift Shop at the Museum, and

      the ODIA Gift Shop in the Visitor’s Center). Additionally, Everywear, and the West Point Women’s

      Club will have a selection of items for sale in Ike Hall outside the auditorium on Friday

  b. Special Assistance: Our reunion coordinator, Joan Emmer, together with our three class aides, are

      available throughout the weekend to assist with any questions or special needs. Anyone needing

      special on-post transportation who has not yet coordinated with Joan should do so upon arrival.

  c. Non-Hotel Registration: We will be operating a “moving” registration which means anyone who

      has not registered at the hotel on Thursday can pick up their packet at the entrance to Ike Hall at the

      luncheon on Friday afternoon or the hotel prior to the dinner on Friday night.

  d. For those not registering until Saturday morning at West Point it would be preferred to have a

      classmate claim your registration packet in advance. Otherwise the packets will be available at the

      registration table in the Mess Hall following the parade.


TICKETS: Tickets are required for admission to all events. In addition, a wristband will be issued for

admission to the post game tailgate. Remember to bring your meal tickets to all functions as they will be

collected at the entrance to all events. On Friday and Saturday remember to wear your nametag and

bring along your bus and meal tickets. On Saturday, be certain to have your football tickets with you.

A limited amount of extra meal and football tickets may be available for purchase at the registration table.

Should you have any to sell back, please write your name on the reverse side and turn them in at the

registration table. In the event they are re-purchased, refunds can be mailed to you after the reunion.

TRANSPORTATION: Bus service is provided to all events at West Point from the Westchester Marriott

AND the Sheraton and Courtyard Marriott overflow hotels. If you purchased bus tickets, you can plan on a

bus being staged or stopping at the overflow hotels for transportation to West Point at the times indicated on

the agenda. ALL return buses from West Point on Friday and Saturday can stop at the overflow hotels for

drop off. ONLY those signing up and paying for bus transportation will be allowed to ride the class buses.

USMA Class of 1990.

There is NO transportation between the overflow hotels and the Westchester Marriott for events at the main

hotel.  If you are not using your bus tickets please turn them in to the registration table and we will try to re-sell

them. We will “convoy” from the hotel to West Point and bus returns to the hotel from West Point will be on

a “load-and-go” basis.

If you are driving yourself to West Point on Thursday or Friday, plan on leaving early enough to allow for

security delays at the gates and have photo ID available for all passengers age sixteen or older.

     Thayer Gate: Open 24 hours per day.

     Stony Lonesome Gate: Open 24 hours per day.

     Washington Gate: Accessible only for vehicles with DOD decals driven by DOD ID card holders,

                                        except on football Saturdays. This gate may be subject to closure in the evening hours.

Please note that there is no special parking for reunion classes on the level of the Plain or the Cadet

Chapel at any time during the weekend. Military Police will direct you to park either at Buffalo Soldier

Field or the Old PX lot (beyond the Cemetery). You may use the post shuttle transportation during the

weekend. Anyone driving to West Point on Saturday must either have a parking pass from the Army Ticket

Office or purchase one on the spot for $10. If you are driving onto post Saturday, follow the public parking

signs and remember that the post game tailgate location is next to the stadium. Following the tailgate there

will be NO transportation to parking lots via the public shuttles. Public shuttles to all parking lots WILL be

operating after the game so you may need to go get your vehicle at that time to reposition it closer to the

stadium (if possible) for access after the tailgate.


GOLF: We have contacted the golfers’ offline and will determine the tee time ASAP after the West Point

Pro Shop checks their schedule against the other 3 reunion classes. POC is Dan McCarthy at (845) 857-8203.

SELF TOURS: For those arriving early and planning to self tour West Point on Thursday, there is no class

bus transportation that day. You can enter post by announcing to the gate guard that you are participating in

alumni events. We suggest you simply state the AOG building is your destination vs. saying “I am going to

wander around post”. Those signed up for the Boat Ride should proceed to South Dock where a staff

member will have your name listed as a paid participant. If you are interested in going standby to this event,

you could arrive at the dock and see if there is room and pay later at the registration table. Our class has

arranged for the Class sponsored gift, the Computational Chemistry Lab, to be open for touring on Thursday

from 8-5pm and 9-11am on Friday. This is located in Bartlett Hall Room 411.

NYC BUS: Those individuals who paid for the bus transportation to New York City should plan to meet in

the front lobby of the Westchester Marriott by 8:45am. The bus will leave from the Front lobby at 9am

with a drop off planned on 57th street between 5th and 6th Avenues. The bus will leave the city from the same

drop off point at approximately 4:00pm. Standbys are welcome to meet in the lobby also.


NO HOST RECEPTION: This event will be held in the Tarrytown Ballroom of the Westchester Marriott.

We will have cash bars and some snacks available and provide an opportunity to meet and greet old friends.


HOSPITALITY SUITE: The hospitality suite will be located on the second floor of the hotel, in the

Pocantico room. This is our gathering place during non event times. BYOB.



We will spend the bulk of this day at West Point. Remember to wear your reunion nametag as well as to

bring your bus and Friday luncheon meal tickets. Security measures at West Point require all individuals

to have picture ID available, so please come prepared.

  a. Dress: Attire should be appropriate for the memorial service in the Cadet Chapel. Please wear

      comfortable walking shoes. Weather dependent, you may want to carry an umbrella.
  b. Early Bus: Early buses to West Point will depart the Marriott at 8AM and make two stops on post:

       (1) in front of Michie Stadium for access to the Alumni Center, the Kimsey, Foley & Holleder

       Centers, and (2) behind the reviewing stand on the level of the Plain. Those riding the early bus must

       make their own way to the Cadet Chapel for our 1100 Memorial Service.
  c. Self-Touring: Accessible areas for reunion classes include the USMA Bookstore (4th floor, Thayer

       Hall); the Cadet Store—not open on Saturday (behind Bldg 606) enter via the south ramp to New

       South); Chem Lab in Bartlett Hall, Jefferson Hall (new Library), the Honor Library in Nininger Hall

       (old 1st Division); Cullum Hall; Grant Hall; the West Point Club and Arvin Gym. Unfortunately,

       the barracks area is not open to visitors, not even grads, at this time.

  d. The second bus departure for West Point from the hotel on Friday is at 0930 and will drop off in the

      Cadet Chapel parking lot.

  e. Memorial Service: Our memorial service will begin promptly at 1100. Tina Hartley has arranged a

      moving service to honor the memory of our departed classmates. We ask you PLEASE do NOT park

      any POV’s in the chapel lot as we need to pull our reunion buses into this space and stage them

      during the service. You may be able to find parking along Stewart Road at the Reservoir or near Gates

      1-3 at the Stadium.

   f. Luncheon: From the Memorial Service, we will walk down to Eisenhower Hall for the Class

      Luncheon, with buses available for those needing extra assistance. The buffet line will open at

      12:15 in Ike’s Café. Class memorabilia will be available for purchase, as well as a large selection

       of items from the West Point Women’s Club. For those with tickets, proceed to the buffet lines

       after turning in your ticket. Those needing to register for the first time should stop at the entrance

       table to claim your packet.

  g. Superintendent’s Address: Following the luncheon, we will move to the Eisenhower Hall

      Auditorium (4th Floor) at 1:30PM for a State of the Academy update from the Superintendent,

      Lieutenant General Huntoon Jr. ‘73. Spouses and guests are most welcome to attend this session.

      Alternatively, facilities on the level of the Plain are open for those spouses and guests who wish

      to visit them during this time. If you are riding the class buses, please return before the last bus

      leaves from the tunnel level of Ike at 4pm.

  h. Class Meeting: Following the Superintendent's briefing, we will hold a class meeting

      at 3:00PM in the Auditorium. We will have an update by the Class Officers and get a short

      briefing on the upcoming Class Gift drive for the 25th Reunion and a Class Communication

      discussion, as well as a briefing by Admissions on how we can help in the recruiting of future

      West Point Cadets.

   i. Return to the Hotel: Return buses will depart from the Eisenhower Hall tunnel (1st Floor) on

      an as-filled basis starting at approximately 2:30 pm. The last bus for the hotel will depart at

      4:00 pm.

  j. Class Dinner Dance: That evening, our dinner dance at the Marriott will commence with a

      reception at 7:30 pm, followed by a buffet dinner around 8:00 pm. We will continue with dancing

      until 11:30 pm (remember - we have an early wake-up on Saturday). Dress is suit or sport coat

      (tie optional) for men and ladies equivalent.


Prior to Adjutant’s Call for the parade at 0900, we have a 0645 departure from the hotel in order to arrive for

the Homecoming March across Trophy Point. Ours is the lead class for this 0820 March On. Be certain to

have photo ID, nametag, bus pass, meal, football, and tailgate tickets with you. We have arranged for an

early breakfast at 0600 and will start loading buses at 0620. Buses will depart promptly at 0645. Please be

on time.

  a. Dress: The Academy stipulates that the class be attired in sport jackets or class A’s (green

       or blue) for the parade; ties are not required and they request no jeans. Alumni are

       encouraged to wear their uniforms if they are still serving. We have made the following

       arrangements to change clothes – only to those wearing military uniform to the parade. Prior to

      departing from the hotel you can store your civilian clothes in the class aide driven vans. After

      the parade you can pick up your bags from the vans which will be parked in the Doubleday lot

      and move to the Baseball Office in Doubleday Field to change into civilian attire. Leave your

      clothes with the attendants in charge and the clothes can be claimed inside the Foley Center

      following the football game, prior to the tailgate. PLEASE change AFTER the Parade prior to the

      luncheon; there will be no access to the Doubleday Office during or after the luncheon.

  b. Parade: From the hotel, buses will drop us at Clinton Field where the class will form up for the

      MARCH ON at the corner of the old library and the clock tower. (Graduates only). Spouses and

      guests move into the bleachers to sit in the designated section for our class. Restrooms are

      available at nearby Doubleday Field (vicinity of third base line). No parade tickets have been

      issued as your nametag and lanyard serve as identification to sit in the parade seats.

  c. Photo: Following the parade, Academy Photo will take class pictures by regiments to include

      family members.

  d. Mess Hall Luncheon: After the photo we will proceed to Washington Hall for lunch in the Cadet

      Mess for those who purchased meal tickets. Tables will be designated for the Class of 1990 and

      these are the only places our group will be served. If you have a large party to be seated it is

      suggested you send someone ahead to claim a full table as we will be required to fill all holes in

      the designated Class of 1990 tables.

  e. Football: After lunch, we will make our way individually to Michie Stadium for the Noon

      kickoff. You can walk up the steps past the Cadet Chapel or ride the post shuttle buses. These

      buses load at the Thayer Extension (behind the Supts review stand) and will drop off next to the

      reservoir along Stewart Road. Those needing special assistance who have coordinated in advance

      with the class aides, should meet next to the ramp along side A Wing of the Mess Hall for van

      transport to the stadium and drop off near Gate 3. This transportation is not intended for family

      members of those needing assistance. At the stadium gate, we ask those with military ID to

      “sponsor” groups of 4-6 classmates through the fast-track lanes into the stands. At this time

      the class issued bag is allowed in the stadium but if this should change we will make an

      announcement at the class meeting. No umbrellas or other large bags are allowed in the stadium.

      The march-on begins at 11:40. Following the National Anthem and a possible sky diving

      demonstration, the Army Team will take the field to Beat Temple.

   f. Early Return Bus: Thirty minutes after the Alma Mater is over, the early bus back to the hotel

      will leave from Buffalo Soldiers Field, at the steps area below the Post Office. You should

      walk to this location from the stadium following the game.

  g. Post-Game Tailgate: Following the Alma Mater, we will make our way to the tent in front of

      the Foley Center, next to the Kimsey Center. Wristbands for this event have been issued in your

      ticket packet. Please wear them for entrance to the tent and again to the food and bar lines.

      Buses to the hotel will depart from the loading area between the Kimsey Center and the Foley

      Center beginning about 5pm. They will leave as filled with the last bus leaving at 7:30 pm.

      As stated earlier, those who drove to post on Saturday and plan to attend the tailgate

      need to remember there is NO transportation to parking lots after the party.


Our Reunion weekend will conclude with a Sunday breakfast buffet at the Marriott before bidding farewell

and starting the journey home. Please remember to bring your meal ticket to this event. Dress is as for travel.

Those with tickets to the Mess Hall brunch will drive themselves to that event as there is no class

transportation provided on Sunday.

Thanks to each of you for making the effort to join us for this reunion. It is your presence here that makes the

celebration of this milestone in our class history so significant.


Cathy Kilner-Reunion Chair



The following numbers may prove helpful during the weekend.

USMA Provost Marshal – (845) 938-3333 
WP Traffic Patterns – (845) 938-7000

Central Guard Room - (845) 938-2555/3030 
Cadet Chapel - (845) 938-2308

Westchester Marriott Hotel- (914)-631-2200 
WP Golf Course (845) 938-2435

Eisenhower Hall - (845) 938-7733 
AOG Gift Shop – (845) 446-1670

WP Museum- (845) 938-3671/ 446-0566 
Cadet Store – (845) 938-2121

Keller Army Hospital Emergency – 911 or (845) 938-4004/4005

USMA Bookstore – (845) 938-5193

Joan Emmer (cell) (845) 913-6307 (Reunion Coordinator)




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