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[2002-05-09]  Welcome to the web site for Company B-4, Class of 1982, United States Military Academy!  There are a couple of ways to use this web site and its associated e-mail list server to stay in touch.

Web Site

Please check this site periodically for any announcements.  You may also make recommendations about the web site, and send content (images, stories, etc.) to the web master.

List Server / Remailer

If you are a member of Company B-4, USMA Class of 1982, but are not on this list server, please Join the List Server.  You will be asked to enter your e-mail address in a subscription request that will go to the web master for approval.

Click Send to B-4 List to have the list server send an e-mail message to every member of the list.  This will start the mail program on your computer (if it is configured correctly) and you can then type in the message.  You may also send a message directly by using the following address:

Note that sending messages to the usma1982-b4 list server is restricted to members of the list.

Blind Remailer

This capability is particularly useful for people who are not members of Company B-4, Class of 1982, but wish to contact one.  They can click this link Send to Individuals, which will take them to a page where they can select individual members (Hint:  hold down the control key to select more than one) and send them a message.

The message will be a "one-way blind" message, in that they will not know your e-mail address but you will see theirs in the body of the message.  If you wish to reply, do so.


The News link lets you read messages that have been posted locally, and post your own messages.  These don't get mailed to anybody, so they will only be seen by people who check this page periodically.