USMA Class of 1975 25th Reunion

Ken (H1) and Carole George.

Ken and Carole George

Jim Pottorff, G1 Party Organizer.

 Jim Pottorff

 Grad's wives/college roomates: Carole George, Dianne Hoopes and Jeannie Hoopes.

 Wives, College Roomates

 H1 tailgate: Austin Omlie, Ken George, Greg Howard, Forrest Crain, Mike Killham, Tom Berens, Lawton Cain, Jeff Henning, Dave Coughran, Bruce Wells, Mike Smith, Mike Scoba.

 Hawg-1 Tailgate

 F1's Bob Hoopes and Bill Ivey.

 Hoopes and Ivey

 H1's Mike Killham at the train station (G1) party.

 Mike Killham (H1)

 Wells, son (Bruce, Jr.) 2003 and father (Bruce, Sr.) 1975 (H1).

 Bruce Wells and Son

 Some H1 Hawgs at the G1 Party: Jeff Henning, Greg Howard, Mike Killham and Lawton Cain.

 Some Hawgs

 Ken George (H1), Cindy and Jim Goldberg (G1) at the G1 party.

Ken and Goldbergs 

 Danny Stroud (I2) at the G1 party ("OK...jes' like the slide rule...(mumble)...carry the one...")

 Danny Stroud