Inside Entrance

4. Plaque to Fallen Classmates (front of the right front pillar)

“All gave some. Some gave all.”

Class of 1965

Bob Arvin
Mike Berdy
Tony Borrego
Charlie Brown
Jerry Clark
Dick Collins
Doug Davis
Spotswood Dewitt
Chuck Dickey
Dick Endicott
Bob Gagne
Mike Glynne
John Hays
Chuck Hemingway
Jack Hutton
Gary Kadetz
Bob Keats
Bernie Kistler
Ed Menninger
Mike Momcilovich
Chet Myers
Pat O'Toole
Chuck Wuertenberger
Bob Zonne

[We agreed to add:]
Marv Jeffcoat
Jamie Bryan
Jim Echols (??)

“Well Done! Be Thou at Peace, Dear Friends”

[Note: The above list--Arvin through Zonne--came from the Cullum Hall plaque. The final list will be in alphabetical order. We plan to indicate those killed in Vietnam with a small helmet (Athena) next to their name.]

NOTE: [from Bob Doughty] Our aim is to list all our classmates who died while serving our country, either in Vietnam or killed in the line of duty. The only other person I know who we may want to add is Al Clark, who died--I believe--of a heart attack while still on active duty. Also, as I wrote the names of our classmates, I wrote their nicknames instead of their formal names; I did this solely to save time. When I finished I realized all the other plaques list the formal names of deceased classmates, and I concluded we could personalize our list by including their nicknames. The above list does this. Please let us know what you think about using nicknames, instead of formal first names.]