Inside Entrance

3. Plaque (front of the left front pillar):

Arvin Plaque (with expanded verbiage)

Note: Currently on this pillar our class has mounted a plaque for the Arvin Wrestling Award and a smaller plaque below it memorializing our classmates who died in Vietnam. The committee intends to move the wrestling plaque to another location and to remove the smaller plaque. The smaller plaque will be replaced by a larger plaque that is described below in paragraph 4 and will be located on another pillar. For the Arvin Plaque, a revised, more extensive write up is being prepared, perhaps to include an extract from the citation from one of Bob's Silver Stars.

The current small plaque says:

Awarded in Memory of
Carl Robert Arvin

First Captain of the Corps of Cadets and Captain of the Wrestling Team
and other members of the Class of 1965 who gave their lives in the Vietnam