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Capelle Award - 2018

Hugh Trumbull represented the class for the 2018 presentation and provided this input.


FRIDAY, 18 May, 2018

 Well drilled, with well shined brass glinting in a hazy sun, the Prep School Candidates for the West Point Class of 2022 marched in their Final Review.  205 of the 240 who had entered in the Fall showed that they were ready to move on to become Cadets.  This is a very impressive, very diverse group of young Americans.  The Preparatory School continues to fulfill its mission!

 Selected to receive “The Capelle” this year, was CC Holden S. Quinn from Anchorage Alaska.  CC Quinn is a scholar athlete who has already decided on Infantry and Special Forces.  He is motivated!  We had a chance to chat with Holden and his mother. We learned that his mother’s father was a Naval officer on the deck when McArthur signed the Japanese surrender.  But she says she is all Army now and ready to support her son for four years of beating Navy.

 In the context of the Award, I was able to give a short speech covering Gerry’s Prep School background, his death in combat and the history and future of the Capelle Trophy.

 Alpha Company enjoyed their Pizza Party on the Tuesday evening prior to their graduation, organized by their Company TAC, CPT(P) Chris Mattos.  Interestingly, MAJ Rob Newbill, Deputy Commandant, was a Cadet Candidate at Ft. Belvoir in 1972 when the Capelle Trophy was established, so we had a lot of history to discuss.  MAJ Newbill will be the POC for the Trophy going forward in the transition year.

These fine young men and women passing through the Prep School, some of which have had time in combat, continue to impress us year after year.  They will do well as young leaders and they appear to have the “right stuff” to give our country what it needs in the future.


 Awards announced


CC Holden S. Quinn in formation as Awards are announced


 Capelle Trophy presented