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Class of 1958 Perpetual Endowment Fund (PEF)

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Our 50th Yearbook documents the history of '58s Perpetual Endowment for USMA

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In 2008, Letters of Appreciation were received from the Superintendent and the Association of Graduates
     Current Status  
Contributed 2020: $200
Total Contributions: $529,315
Granted to Class of '58 Fund*: ($75,900)
Net Contributions: $453,415
Value of Account :  (as of 31 Mar '20) $1,162,635

                *Monies donated from the Perpetual Endowment Fund to the Class of 1958 Fund for the First Class Club Project as well as the annual $50 contributions made to the Class of 58 Fund.
For additional contributions, make check out to Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Mail to:  Russell Robertson, 8606 Cross View, Fairfax Station, VA 22039