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Thursday, May 12, 2022 

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Company G-1

Nestled cozily under the guns of the South Guard Room live a gay and motley crew--the "only normal sized men in the Corps."   By day we surged forth, always at the last possible minute to collect drill streamers, BTP's and "red tenths" with breathtaking ease -- never failing to return in time for that precious Brown Boy Interlude just before supper.   Taps found our hallowed halls strangely silent, and only an extra vigilant O.C. would hearken to the hiss of a shower, the muted rattle of a roulette wheel, the screech of chalk -- small sounds betraying feverish activity.  We met the T.D. and they were our's -- Engineers (Dust!), Navy (Gear Adrift) and even the Armor with its firepower, mobility, shock action, and critical laundry lists.
This was G-1-- the Greatest!

Howitzer 1954-1958

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