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Jo Ann McNair - Bernadette and Dan Dugan -
John Lapham [50th Reunion]

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John S. Lapham Cullum No: 20243 Class of: 1955 Born: MN Appointment: QC Branch: AF Date of Death: August 22, 2017 History: 20243 John Stanton Lapham B-MN: A-QC: AF: Ret 74 MAJ: D - Lakeville, MN 22Aug17 a-88

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John Stanton Lapham

John Stanton Lapham was born on 1 August 1929 in Anoka, Minnesota and entered West Point as a Qualified Competitor. He entered West Point on 3 July 1951 and was in Company E 1. He was a Corporal his 2nd Class Year and Company Commander of E 1 Company his 1st Class Year. He graduated on 7 June 1955 and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Air Force.

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How I got my appointment to West Point


I escaped high school in 1947 at age 17 with no knowledge of West Point. My first job came to me on the day (1 Aug) that I turned 18 and was with Western Electric. I did know of the Army Navy game but always thought it was a group of sailors vs. a group of soldiers. I had a buddy (John Ghostley) who trapped with me during high school who always went back to the car to listen to the game leaving me to tend the traps. WWII drove up the price of muskrat furs to more than $3 apiece.

Chapter 1

After 10 months with Western Electric plus a summer working with Rayonier Lumber Co west of the Forks Washington (Olympic Peninsula) as a Gandhi dancer and a choker setter. I returned home about the end of September. With the hope of avoiding the draft I went into the army recruiting office and told them I would enlist the day after the end of deer season. True to my word I went in on the 29th of November 48 and shipped out to Ft Riley Kansas. I passed basic and asked for Signal Corps and got it with an additional year added to my enlistment. Monmouth at that time had a tar paper camp outlying somewhere (Camp Wood ??) for common basic classes to signal schools. I remember the barracks were heated pot belly stoves in the middlle. Nearest to stoves roasted while the rest of us froze. I saw someone in charge and got out of there based on Western Elec experience. Subsequently completed teletype repair MOS 0239??

Chapter 2

Was asked at completion if I would like to attend crypto repair school to which I replied in the affirmative. Off I go to Arlington Hall station for a short stay to give up my history in order to obtain a crypto clearance. Got sent to Vint Hill (Farm??) at Warrenton Va to wait for clearance. During my winter there I heard from all my neighbors wanting to know why the FBI was after me. I made up a form letter to the effect that I didn't know but I wasn't in jail yet.

Chapter 3

Shipped out to Carlisle Barracks in April 1950 with fond memories of Vint Hill. It was kind of fun except for the kp. Any how while school at CB was fun too Nothing could be taken out of the classroom and paydays came by seldom I signed up for a math course given by Armed Forces Institute in Madison Wisconsin. Kept me out of trouble but I couldn't have gotten in too much on a PFC's pay. After a couple months a schoolmate (name Luedke) came in barracks and:

Luedke: 'did you hear what the 1st sgt announced at assembly tonite?
Me: 'no"
Luedke: 'he said that any body that wants to apply to attend the Prep School should come into the OR and pick up application."
Me: ' You suppose they got KP?"
Luedke: 'it's a school probably not."
Me:' I'm in'.

Well we went in to see the 1st sgt and got our applications. Had to filled out in triplicates and each had to have a picture attached. Since CB had no photo section we almost forgot about completing the forms. Luckily we remembered on payday weekend Friday when forms due in Monday. Talked to first sgt And got pass for Saturday to go into Harrisburg. Took almost all day to find photo booth in train station. Got the forms in on time.

Chapter 4

Couple weeks later we took the test - must have been made up by the people that sent me my math course a piece of cake. Completed school a few months later and got orders for Japan. ASA troops went there before Korea. Also ASA did not wait at Port but at Two Rock Ranch Station. A small antenna farm at Petaluma about 50 miles north of Goldel Gate. Had to have bags packed and ready to go on moments notice. They had loud hailer that covered whole station so when somebody's name was called that was last you saw of them. Eventually heard 'John Lapham' report to 1st Sgt. I did. 1st Sgt: 'get cleaned up and in your class A's'. I did. 1st Sgt:'report to the Commander'. I did. Col: 'the army made an error sending you out here. They should have kept you at Carlisle until the results of the test came in.' Me: 'I got my final results before I left, sir'. Col:' the prep school not the crypto Test. Now you have the choice continue on your way to Korea or go to the Prep School - if you pass the physical.' Me: 'when do I have to decide?'. Col: 'I'll give you two minutes'. I got the commander's car and driver for three days to go to Letterman hospital for the physical; obviously I was in better shape in those days. After a subsidy from my mom and a flight to NY I find myself at Stewart AFB and that was it. I still didn't know what the Prep School was for but soon found out and I don't know what ever happened to Luedke - if anybody runs into him - thank him for me.

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Jacqueline 'Tyke' Lorraine (Parsons) Lapham Update

Jacqueline 'Tyke' Lorraine (Parsons) Lapham of Champlin, Minnesota. Age 74, born 31 December 1930, died 30 January 2005. Preceded in death by parents, Warren and Lorraine Parsons. She was a devoted wife of 49 years to John; proud mom to Greg (Pamela), Brian and Mark (Mindy) and beloved as Gramma Tyke to Andy, Allison, Charlie, Paul, Maura, Chelsea, Sarah, Jay and John. Also survived by brother, Don (Dottie).

Tyke was a kindhearted nemesis to all the fish in Parklawn Pond as she caught the most and released them all. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her. A celebration of her life will be held at the Cremation Society Chapel 7835 Brooklyn Blvd, Bklyn Park on Tue. Feb 8 from 5 to 8 PM. Private interment. Memorials preferred to Cancer Society or to North Memorial Medical Center Hospice. Cremation Society of MN (763) 560-4694.

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John Lapham Update

John is doing well and would love to hear from his classmates, to this day his time at West Point is his most defining accomplishment and he is very proud of his time spent there. He is currently in memory care but he is still fairly high functioning and for the most part can recall his time at West Point and in the Air Force with great detail. He had knee replacement a few years back and has pretty limited mobility but he's able to get around using a walker. His general health seems to be okay for someone who just turned 86. Cognitively he has more good days than bad but he has some short-term memory loss, some language difficulties and problems managing his self care. For the most part he is happy where he is, he's receiving very good care and is just a couple of miles from me so I'm able to visit and check on him regularly.

He still is able to send and receive e-mails ( but he's not very diligent on checking it regularly. He does have a cell phone but get's a little confused on how to operate it and navigating through the functions but if he hears it he will answer but he isn't very good at retrieving voice mail messages. His number is (763) 232-2526 and feel free to pass it along to whomever would want to get in touch with him. Thanks for forwarding the reunion package, I'll help him view the CD when it arrives.

If you need to correspond directly with me my e-mail is

Thanks again,

Mark Lapham (John's son)
3 August 2015
(952) 892-6095

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John Stanton Lapham

I'm sorry to inform you that my father John S. Lapham passed away on Tuesday, 8/22/17 in Lakeville, MN. John had congestive heart disease and vascular dementia. He had some short term memory loss but had very proud, vivid and fond memories of his time at West Point and his service in the Air Force and talked about it daily to anyone who would listen. He was proceeded in death by his wife of 49 years Tyke in 2005. He is survived by myself and my older brother Greg. We will be doing a private interment at Fort Snelling National Cemetery here in Minneapolis.

Mark Lapham
25 August 2017

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