Class News

YEAR 2000

Edward P. Cutolo

Couple weeks ago, I was watching a TV channel (Investigative Reporting)on a Pvt Tyree's trial and case. As it went on, it talked about a Col Edward Cutolo, CO of 10th Special Forces Gp (Abn) at Fort Devens, MA. It mentioned that Col Cutolo had presented a sworn affidavit. I was disturbed by the program, so I got on Internet, and search on Edward Cutolo::


The eleven page "AFFIDAVIT OF EDWARD P. CUTOLO", in much detail of events, places, activities which was hard to believe to be real. You will have to retrieve and read for yourself. The affidavit was signed on 11 March 1980, and Ed Cutolo died in England on 25 May 1980. In paragraph 70 of the affidavit, Ed forecasted his demise.
Like many of you, I was informed that Ed Cutolo had died in a car accident in England.
This information makes me think that maybe--- Edward Cutolo-- our classmate, may had been murdered/terminated.

Hear her roar: McClure's new venture promotes empowerment


By Lori Price / The Dallas Morning News


Shortly after Paula McClure (wife of MG Hugh Robinson) decided to leave her broadcast career to start a spa and aromatherapy products line, she quipped about choosing a Mary Kay business life over an Oprah Winfrey one.

She's rethinking her position.

Encouraged by celebrities like Ms. Winfrey who push the power-to-change platform, Ms. McClure has created a company that will focus on women's empowerment.

"Oprah was the person who told me I had to do this," says Ms. McClure, who calls the talk-show icon a mentor and friend. "This company is a combination of Martha Stewart, Mary Kay and Oprah."

By bringing a national focus to the need for spirituality, balance, self-renewal and a nurturing environment, Ms. McClure says, "those three women have laid the groundwork for me to create a very unique company in this country."

The Mood Spa Inc. founder and chief executive officer kicked off her new venture, Paula McClure Life Balance Seminar Series, on Tuesday night in the Greer Garson Theatre at Southern Methodist University.

Ms. McClure's appearance at SMU, which was taped for national broadcast, began a 25-city tour to promote her new seminar series.

The shift from spa queen to empowerment guru came as Ms. McClure paid more attention to the clients who visited The Paula McClure Mood Spa on McKinney Avenue, she says.

"When I opened the spa, I knew I was going to help women feel good and give them a retreat from their life," Ms. McClure says. "What I found is that they brought their life with them."

The lives came with women who complained about consuming schedules, hectic career arenas and demanding family structures, Ms. McClure says.

And a number of the issues have gotten bigger as society progresses, she adds.

"The Superwoman complex we were plagued with in the '70s and '80s has made us forget about the simplicity of life," Ms. McClure says. "Well, Superwoman is very tired right now and her cape is wrinkled, and she doesn't have time to take care of her cape, and now we've got to create a way for her to be a real woman."

The seminars will include panel discussions with physicians, relationship experts and career planners who will talk about how women can organize their lives and make changes to eliminate stress and burnout.

One area that needs a stress check is relationships, says Carol Cole, a life, marriage and family relationship therapist.

Dr. Cole is one of a group of panelists who joined Ms. McClure for the Tuesday seminar.

"We really have so many different relationships in our lives and yet all of those are just a reflection of the relationships we have with ourselves," Dr. Cole says. "When we can honor that relationship, then we can put ourselves in a place of choice with other relationships, and once we do that we can go out and face the world.

"The stability comes from the internal connections with ourselves," Dr. Cole adds.

Ms. McClure hopes the seminar series, a complementing television show and an Internet chat room can give women a road map to make those life-improving connections.

The chat room, a part of, is up and running.

"Tony Robbins can go into a room and talk to men about how to have power, but nobody is telling women how to empower themselves on how to have balance," Ms. McClure says. "My whole life is going to be about speaking and teaching women how to do this."



5 May 00

As all-star cast will support General Colin Powell's address on 8 May that will showcase Americas's Promise and lauch in program in North Texas. Gen Powell, national chairman of the orgaization, and retired Maj Gen Hugh Robinson, founder and board chairman of Dallas Youth Services Corps as well as co-chairman of Dallas Promise, will be joined by Mayor Ron Kirk, the Dallas Independent School District board and others at the luncheon at the Wyndham Anatole Hotel.
Maj Gen Robinson will be the honoree at the 11:30 a.m. luncheon, which will celebrate the Dallas Youth Service Corps' 10th Anniversary.
The youth service corps is a service-learning program that provides young adults with opportunities to enhance skills, education, work ethic and citizenship.

1 Feb 00

Joe Peisinger:: reporting:
I know some of you have wondered where Gretchen and I have been these past few months. Believe it or not, we have not been home!

We began in early September when we took a leisurely trip to my West Point Class reunion. Along the way we visited Gretchen's cousin in Tulsa and her sister in West-by-God Virginia. We then proceeded to Canada for our first visit there and visited some Canadian friends we had met when we were stationed in Germany back in the early '70's. They were very gracious hosts and showed us many of the sights around their neck of the woods. We were treated to a new experience by having some "curds" which neither of us had ever tried before, and learned the squeekier they sound, the fresher they are! They encouraged us to buy a lot of things, because the rate of exchange was so favorable! And they were right! You could get some tremendous buys there! The country was beautiful and we had a delightful time.

We proceeded on to the class reunion, which lasted for 3 days and 4 nights. It included a football game (one that Army won last year) and a moonlight cruise down the Hudson. All that and an opportunity to visit old friends was most enjoyable.

On the return leg we stopped by to visit our youngest daughter, Liz, who was in Bennington, VT. She was in the throes of packing up and getting ready to move down to Oxford, MS where she had been accepted to attend graduate school at "Ole" Miss. Her husband had proceeded her down there about a month previous where he had obtained a job. She was preparing to get her possessions down to one U-Haul and preparing for a drive accompanied by her Golden Retriever and two cats.

In October I made a short visit out to visit my Dad in California, who was living in a Retirement Community and had recently moved down to their Skilled Nursing Facility. I knew that his time was short, but he was keeping a positive mental attitude and still enjoyed a good joke. At 92, he was very accepting that his time was near. We were saddened to learn, while we were on the cruise, that he had died on November 10th. We arranged to have his funeral after our return which was on Dec 16th and he was buried at the Riverside VA Cemetery.

Our trip to Africa began on November 1st. I am intentionally forgetting the air flights going and coming (selective memory is a wonderful thing!)

It was a great trip, starting in Athens where we spent about 2 nights. We visited the Acropolis and many other sites within a days journey of Athens. After cruising the Mediterranean we went through the Suez Canal and had a day trip that took us to Cairo where we visited the pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza. Traveling over to Jordan we visited Wadi Rum (Lawrence of Arabia's hideout) and the ruins at Petra (Location of Harrison Ford's the Temple of Doom). Traveling back to Egypt we docked at Safaga and spent an overnight where we visited Luxor, Karnack, the Valleys of the Kings and Queens. Our Hotel was a fist class Hotel overlooking the Nile and we were fortunate to have a balcony where we could see the boats sailing up and down the river.

Our next stop was Mombasa, Kenya and included a full day Safari. The Safari was very interesting where we saw a lot of animals (but no lions, tigers or bears!) We were saddened in how poor the people were in Kenya and their main roads were abominable. (They need to transfer the Engineer School there, they could have a field day-although they could probably hire out half the highway contractors in the US and still hardly make a dent). We had to spend a couple of hours on the main highways getting to the game preserve. The potholes were horrendous. Drivers tended to spend part of their time on the unpaved shoulders, or driving down the wrong side of the highway playing endless games of "chicken".

Our stop in Zanzibar was enlightening; one of the tours included a visit to a state owned nursery, which grew every conceivable spice you could imagine. In all the pop quizzes the women did quite well in identifying what they were, but occasionally they too were stumped, having no idea how some of these things we use daily were grown.

One of our next stops was in Nosy Komba, off the coast of Madagascar. One of the highlights there was to be able to interact with some of the Lemurs there.

We made a stop in Durban South Africa and were also supposed to make a "Combat Landing" at a place called Plettenburg Bay. Unfortunately, the water had to be extremely calm to board the "Assault Craft" and it was not to be, after spending the morning waiting to try, the Captain had to abort the mission and we sailed on to our final destination In Cape Town.

I think Cape Town was one of the highlights of the trip. We spent 3 nights there and it was delightful place to visit. We took several tours which gave us a nice feel for the country. I was impressed with the willingness of the people there to blot out the past and try and make things work. Unfortunately, there were terrorists that choose to work outside the efforts of re-conciliation. About 4 days before we arrived there had been a bombing at a restaurant near a seaside recreation area (one we passed by about three times while we were there) and about ten days after we left there was another attack somewhere else in the nearby vicinity. Despite these problems, South Africa appears to have the infra structure and resources to really be the outstanding country in Africa. In summing up, I would say, if you get a chance to go to any of the places we visited, do it!


13 May 1999:: John Porter EMailed that Lorrie Brickwell notified him of Brick's (Wilbur D. Brickwell) passing on 23 arpil 99. Brick died at home (4311 Beaumont Ln SE, Lacey, WA 98503. He was cremated and his ashes will ultimately be spread in the ocean. Brick suffered for many years from congestive heart failure but died of multiple cancers. Lorrie mentioned that he "stood tall and proud when he sang the Alma Mater" at this year's Founders' Day dinner at Fort Lewis, but suffered the first of may seizures from brain tumors upon returning home that night. Under Hospice care and with his family present, Brick died less than two months later. He wil be missed.


November 98

George Olmsted, Jr message to the Class:
To all of you who attended MG George Olmsted's (Class of 1922) funeral last week, my family and I really appreciated your presence and your kind remarks.
Thank you.

September 98

On 9 Oct 98 three D-1 roommates, Quint Davis, Walt Schrupp and John Wintrode will be in Waco celebrating Quint's recent marriage to Walt's sister-in-law, Ruth Nolte.

Story by Wintrode follows:
Last year I decided to track down Walt Schrupp. Plugged his name into Yahoo! and since he is Airport Manager at Waco Airport, no sweat. He called Quint, who at the time was leading the good bachelor's life up in beautuful San Juan Islands with 2 fishing boats and plenty of live bait. So after 40+ yrs we got together in Waco. What a great time! Both those guys were heroes. I just can't figure how Walt wound up with two stars and all I ever made was Captain -UAL that is! The 2d night the family threw a nice Texas-style party. Walt's lovely wife Faye, invited a lady-friend whom she thought would be interested in a serious fisherman like Quint, and so the party began. Plenty of tall Texas tales, war stories and in between Quint met Faye's sister, Ruth. Those Texas gals move fast. The lady-friend went overboard and Ruth jumped in the boat. To give up the Pacific Northwest for Waco this time of year (or anytime of the year)--it must be true love. The gala wedding celebration on 9 Oct has been on the calendar for awhile. I can't believe it: Comrades in Arms and now Brothers in Law.>br>

That is why Davis, Schrupp and Wintrode will miss the Houston game. The best to all!!


Hi Yale, You must be sweating it out in Plano these days. Plz say hello to everybody for Diane and I and drive carefully.
Regards, John

May 98

Dallas Morning News Veiled hint: Channel 8's Paula McClure has been insisting that rock on her finger is just a friendship ring, but we all knew better, didn't we?

Paul and civic pillar Hugh Robinson, for many months one of the most high-profile couples in town, have set a date for their marriage. It's in June, but they don't want to say exactly when because they want to keep it private. Hugh's an old-fashioned guy. He actually asked Paula's father for her hand. We wish them the best, but considering what happens with two-income households, Paula may want to rename her show "Good Morning, Taxes!"

April 98


Wendell Gilbert inform me of a very appropriate dedication of the LTC Andre Lucas Elementary School at Fort Campbell,"Home of the 101st Abn Div". Andre earned the MOH while serving as a Bn Commander in the 101st in VietNam. Reported that it was great seeing Madelin and the family.

March 98


Febuary 98


Bill Bathurstforwarded a Letter from the United States Strategic Institute announcing the appointment of Ben Schemmer as the new Editor-in-Chief of the Strategic Review.
Ben brings a unique set of credentials and an important blend of perspectives to the quarterly.... Ben has written regularly for Strategic Review since 1991.
Congratulations from the Class!!

January 98


Bill & Romney Bathurst reported that they were unable to attend the Army/Air Force Game, due to touring in New Zealand, which had been a long-time leader on their travel wish-list. This trip was in celebration of Bill's "re-birthday" in Nov. While touring the N.& S. Islands, whose truly awe-inspiring scenery served as a fitting reminder of why they were so very thankful for each day. We remember the gift of life which made this possible, and we wonder at the wisdom and generosity of the unknown family who made the decision for the life saving organ donation.

Ed "Parry" & Becky McNair Christmas Letter 1997: they toured the United States, logging 15,787 miles in 70 days, expending 29 rolls of film. they also attended the Mini-reunion at the Army/Air Force Game in November. Their tour started in NJ, proceeded south to North Carolina,Georgia, Florida, Nashville,TN; Memphis to Amarillo, TX; to Green Valley, AZ and Grand Canyon, including side trips to Bryce and Zion Nation Parks; then up to Yosemite Nat'l Park; a visit with Jim & Jo Scovel in Stockton, CA; On to Yellowstone NP, north to Canada with the Banff and Lake Louise, south to Calgary to Waterton-Glacier NP's; stopping off for a military history lesson at the "Little Big Horn Battlefield" to see where Custer's military career ended. This was all accomplished while travelling with a 85lb dog called "Darwin" and the camping equipment needed to make life on the trail acceptable.

Corky & Andrea Gabberton the 26th of December flew to Memphis and join their Jazzdagen tour group for New Years on the American Queen, followed by 3 nights in the "Big Easy" - New Orleans. I'll bet that they had some F-U-N !!