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17958 Hughes, David Ralph 
 Appearances on Radio or Television by Dave Hughes 

1983, Mar 21, KKTV, Interviews

1983, Mar 22, KRCC Radio, Interviews

1983, Apr 23, Yale University, Presentation and Panel Appearance

1983, Aug 7, KOA Radio, Denver "Chip Talk" Interview

1983, Sep 23, KVOR Radio, Interview

1983, Oct 6, University of Wyoming, Presentation

1984, May 8, National PBS Show 'New Tech Times"

1986, April 21st, National Television Documentary "Hackers"

1989, NHK (Japan) Radio live Broadcast (Asia wide) about Electronic Democracy.

1992, Apr, Nova Five Part PBS Series "The Machine that Changed the World"

1993, May, CNN Future Watch Program

1995, Deutche Welle (Berlin) Television,  1 hour Documentary on Hughes Pioneering in Rural areas.

1996, Feb 10th International Event "A Day in the Life Of' Hughes, Nat Geographic Photographer Chesley

1996, Apr 13, National Public Radio piece on Hughes work connecting up rural schools with wireless.

1996, Feb 10th International Event "A Day in the Life Of' Hughes, Natl Geographic Photographer Chesley

1997, MSNBC Coverage of NSF Mongolian Wireless Project

1997, Mar 7th, National Public Radio piece on Hughes getting Hedy Lamarr national award for technical achievement in 1941

1998, BBC, London. Two broadcasts about Hedy Lamarr Award

1998, Der Spiegel Online - two online stories. Spread Spectrum and Hedy Lamarr

1998, BBC, Vienna, Austria. Live broadcast about Hedy Lamarr Award.

2000, May 22d, CBS Evening News, from West Point, on Korea