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17958 Hughes, David Ralph 
 Publications by Dave Hughes 

Representative list of publications by Dave Hughes, 1950 on.

1951, Sep 28, Rocky Mountain News, Denver, "A Mountaintop in Korea" Letter from Korea

1951, Nov Pointer Magazine "Again from Korea" Oct Acme Steel Company News "Dear Mom" Letter from Korea

1951, Aug 9th, Congressional Record, Letter from Korea

1951, Dec 19th, Dallas Morning News, Letter from Korea

1952, April 6th, Denver Post, Letter from Korea

1952, June, Ladies Home Journal 'Shanks Boots' Story of Combat

1952, Sep US Army Combat Forces Journal "School Problem in Suprise and Marching Fire" Professional paper

1953, April 3, Denver Post Editorial "A Measure for Courage"

1953, April, Infantry Magazine "Hold That Hill" Professional Paper

1953, April, Ladies Home Journal, "Death of a Soldier" Story of Combat

1956, July, Assembly Magazine "The Class of 1881"

1957, October, Pointer Magazine, "A New Kind of Spirit"

1958 West Point Official Guide Book (as Wayne Company)

1958 Ike at West Point - (As Wayne Company) Book sold at West Point

1958, May, Daniel & Fishers Echos - reprint of Letter from Korea to all employees

1962, Nov, Army Magazine "Wolfhounds Understand" Professional paper

1962, June, Denver Post, "The Battle Before War Begins"

1963, April, Infantry Magazine. "Combat Techniques"

1963, May C&GSC Military Review "Battlefield Language" A professional paper

1963, Nov, Army Magazine "Three Gold Leaves"

1964, Jan, US Army Aviation Digest, Professioanl Critique

1966, May, Office of SecDef "Draft of Sec McNamara's 18 May Speech"

1967, Apr 7, Army War College "Force in the International Political Process: An Original Proposal for a Modern U.S. Spectrum of Conflict:

1968, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, "A New Spectrum of War"

1976-1977, Weekly (52 issues)  as full page in Colorado Springs SUN Newpaper "The Colorado City Journal" commemorating its history.

1977, Book, The History of Old Colorado City, Dave Hughes

1981-1983, The Source (National Online Service or Readers Digest)- Edited and Published Electronically only "Source Trek Magazine" - the first royalty paid online publication in the world.

1983, Apr 80-US Journal, 'Electronic Politikin in Old Town"

1983, Apr, Personal Computing "Doing Business from the Source"

1983, Dec, The Complete Computer Compendium, Addison-Wesley, Chapter "The Prophetic Chat"

1983, Dec Portable 100 Magazine "The 100 Becomes a Silent Board Member"

1984, Book Chapter in 'Digital Deli' Compendium, Workman Publishing, "Online Publishing and Word Dance"

1984, May Colorado Springs SUN, Computers Bypass Council Debate

1985, Jan Gazette Telegraph Arts Chronicle "Hughes uses computer as colorful art medium"

1985, Whole Earth Review, Art Kleiner '1985 will be the year of multi-user conferencing..'

1985, Art Kleiner "Highways of the Mind' article in national publication.

1985, Mar, Whole Earth Review, "The Neighborhood Rom - Computer Aided Local Politics

1986, Feb, Silicon Mountain Journal, Article

1991, Twice Weekly paid Military Analyst Columns, Rocky Mountain News, Denver regarding Desert Storm

1993, Nova University, The Online Chronicle of Distance Education. Contributer

1993, Winter Issue - Internet Research, Meckler Corporation "Appropriate and Distributed Networks: A Model for K-12 Educational Telecommunications"

1993 (The above Piece was requested by the Transitional Committees of the new Clinton-Gore Administration to aid in its Internet-Education policymaking.) Also reprinted in the Chronicle of Higher Education Journal, summer, 1993.

1993, Aug, Springs Magazine. "Education on the Wire."

1994, Mar, Sections of Book 'Quickening of America - Making the Media Our Voice'

1995, Jan, Wired Magazine "Unplugged and Online" 1996 May 'Actions on the Jamestown Line' Infantry Magazine , Professional Article

1996, May, The Cook Report "The Case for Shared Wireless Public Spectrum."

1998, Apr, Scientific American "Spread Spectrum Radio"

1999, MIT Press, "The First 100 Feet:Options for Internet and Broadband Access. 'The Wireless Option"

1999, Mar, Boardwatch Magazine, "The Wireless Coqui - Puerto Rico"