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17958 Hughes, David Ralph 
"I am 'Sourcevoid' Dave.  Dave Hughes otherwise. I was born in Colorado, descended from stubborn Welshmen who were never too loyal to the king, which is probably why I am content being a maverick of sorts, with a Welsh imagination.  I live in Historic Old Colorado City at the base of 14,114 foot Pike's Peak. I work out of my 1894 Electronic Cottage with a variety of microcomputer and telecommunications tools... I am a happily married middle-aged family man who has seen enough of Big Government, Big Wars, Big Industry, Big Political Causes - either of the left or right - to now prefer to operate a small business out of a small house, in a small neighborhood, working with small organizations, using a small computer to make it all possible."    (From The Source 1979)
"Dave Hughes 1894 home in Old Colorado City. Cottage at left, originally a Tack House for Horse Carriages, housed the original, famed, Old Colorado City Electronic Cottage Computer Bulletin Board System, circa 1979. "